February 25, 2009

The Moment

"Ishitaaaaaaa...Ohhh My goddddd!! You here???...at this hour!! How??” Rahul was rubbing his eyes in amazement. He could not get himself to believe that Ishita was here at his place at this unearthly hour. But Ishita had always been like that. Crazy to the core. And this was not the first time that Ishita had climbed up all the way to his room on the first floor. She had earlier surprised him on Valentine’s Day last year. She knew very well that Rahul slept with his balcony door wide open. He could not get himself to sleep without feeling the whiff of fresh air that the open door and windows brought in. He always knew that Ishita was a crazy girl, but her daredevil stunt on last Valentine’s Day had wiped away any iota of doubt he had in his mind. But that was last year. It seemed like ages ago. Things had not worked out the way they wanted to. It was a mutual decision to move on. The fact that Ishita's dad got transferred to Mumbai also didn’t help much.

"Ishita.....Oh my bhondu!! Ishitaaaaa...Ishitaaa...I can't believe you are here. I thought we would never meet again. I have been missing you like crazy" Rahul's voice was choking with emotions. He had got over their break up with much difficulty. How could he forget all that suffering he went through just at the sight of his long lost love? He tried to control himself. The twinkle of love in his eyes vanished. He stared hard at Ishita, "You never even bothered to call me up even once in all these months. I could not because no one here knew of your whereabouts. But at least you could have called me up. I have been pestering your best friend Roop all this while to get your contact details. She was adamant. And here you are.....turning up on my balcony without notice...just like that...and you feel that I will still be waiting for you here with arms wide open? Go away bhondu...sorry...Ishita...I wish not to go through the pains of parting all over again."

Rahul felt that Ishita wanted to say something, but the volley of words from Rahul's side had made her stop in her motions. She just looked at him lovingly and gave him her dimpled smile. He had prayed all these months for this moment. This one fleeting moment which he had thought would never come again in his life. His last wish had been to see her flash her dimples for him, for one last time. The moment that he wished to frame in his mind and take it along with him right to his grave. But life does not always turn out the way you wish it to. When you feel that everything is going fine, it transforms itself into an unknown entity. Rahul felt his heart melt when he saw Ishita turn and walk away. He could not see her depart like that. He tossed around in bed and buried his face in the pillows. He cried his heart out. It had taken every bit of his inner strength to show Ishita the door.

Why had Ishita turned up all of a sudden today? She was here for a reason. She wanted to say something. What could be it? It was then that realization dawned on him. It was 25th Feb today!! Their anniversary! Ishita had remembered. She had come down all the way to patch up. His face lit up. All the hatred that had accumulated over the past many months faded away. He cursed himself for being rude to Ishita. He ran towards the balcony to catch her on her way down. She was nowhere in sight. Rahul rushed to his table and grabbed his bike keys. His phone rang that very instant.

"Hello...Rahul. Hi, Roop here. Hope i did not disturb you at this hour?"

"Rooop...No yaar...have you gone mad?? And i know what you have called for. I knew she would have reached your place by now. Hand over the phone to Ishita...right now...I scolded her a lot yar...Plz hand over!"

"Rahul....It's your anniversary today......right Rahul? Ishita had waited....waited for this day to patch things up with you. I think you should know this. She always missed you..........God! Give me strength to say this.....She is no longer with us Rahul.....She met with an accident on her way to my place from the airport last night. She.......passed away...She....left all of us....half an hour ago"

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  1. ohhhh...god.....twinn...dat ws soooo....oops..no words...

    sniff sniff

    brilliant twin!! sweet..touching..sad...simply awesome!!! i ws spellbound!!
    n made me cry.....


    great to see u back to writing ur fiction....n wid a bang!!

    **mujhe abhi itna saara mfs padhna haiiiii...shit.... :(

  2. Oh ... what the hell ... is Rahul still there? Is he not dead already??

    Well, I'm sorry to have told that - but that's the first thought that hit me after finishing reading it ...

    I'm not happy and maybe a bit angry ... sadness filled the atmosphere here ... I can feel it ...

    A good story Sandeep ... I always knew you would write something awesome ... probably I was waiting for this ... and I'm sure I will get to read more of you - more of this kind!! Kudos ...

    But, punish Rahul somehow ... a request!

  3. @ Sandeep
    Glad to see you write something mush and emotional after so long... after "the red sky." A lovely piece of work no doubt. However, somehow, I was left wanting for more. I felt it ended too soon. Probably, you wanted it to be that way!

    @ Tan
    I don't quite agree that Rahul should be punished. To overcome the pain of separation and let someone back into your life is difficult. It takes time. It's no one's fault here. It's just the unfortunate turn of events. Please don't pass any value judgments here.

  4. I could almost relate to the beginning parts of it... not that i have patched up but now i am in touch with someone who i was in a relationship with long long ago :) so i was getting all smiles until Ishita turned an walked away....

    It was sad but I am happy to see Sandeep back with this kind of fiction which could go straight to one's heart and churn it and ismein no superhero came flying from any corner....

    jo bhi karte ho dil se karte ho :D

    P.S. WL Fiction Quiz---
    By what name Rahul used to call Ishita?

    Bhondu singh's answer -- He called her "Bhondu" :P

  5. @All..

    dont cry...dont cry...its a ghost story...the story of ishita's ghost fighting the forces of nature to meet her love for one last time...arent you all scared. ohhh...it was meant to be spooky and scary...i have no clue how on earth this story became emotional...he he...

    I was really sceptical if i could weave in emotions around a ghost without making it seem funny...its not that my funny bone did not put up a fight while i was penning this emotional piece, but i supressed it with sheer will..he he...

  6. @twin

    sab kar le...padhaai mat kar...idiot...go back to your books...what are you doing at the lounge when you have the sword of MFS hanging over your head!! grrrrrrr....

    thanks for all the appreciation twin....i just typed this story directly into the new post box...no editing...nothing...it just flowed out...and yaa..though there was some rust that had accumulated and there were places where i stopped, i am glad that i pulled it through...and yaa...back!!

  7. @Tan

    thanks a lot tan....really glad that you liked it. There are some moments in life which we wish we could reverse. Because everytime the memory of that moment comes in, we are left cursing ourselves...and the questions linger on...till our last breath...this story is an attempt to address similar emotions...ishita had come down to meet rahul for one last time from the world beyond...his outburst didnt let her speak those words she wanted to...rahul would never know what were that...and that will always suffocate him...he will die a little everyday...is not that enough? i think thats the worst punishment anyone could get...any physical torture we inflict on him can never match up to the mental trauma that he will go through...for his entire lifetime...

    i try to show more of my happy side at the lounge...but if you want to read more of my emotional stories...plz head to www.yembeeyae.blogspot.com. I suggest, "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow", "A Greeting for Appu" and "The Gift of Life"...emotional overdoses...he he ;-)

  8. not all stories are meant to have perfect endings..yet they are beautiful in their own way.....
    very touching!

  9. @Sandeep
    Ghost?? i thought he was imagining :P thats why i was sobbing :P

  10. @bhonds

    dont be sad...dont be sad...life is a beautiful gift...not to be wasted away sulking... ;-)

    and wow...you won the WL fiction quiz hands down...he he!

  11. @nan

    he he he...dont cry now! wipe away your tears...let ishita send a chill down your spine ;-)

  12. Nice story Sandeep..!! U r good with these.. :)

    Now, ur Ghost version is confusing my confused mind.. :P hehe

    Rahul is well portrayed here bro ... Ishitha remains a mystery to me.. :)

    Nice Sandeep... but u write much better..!!


  13. @arjun

    trying to shake off the rust bro...will try harder in my next one for sure...cheers!

  14. Love lives even after death .. not wrong they say :)

    i loved the story .. atleast some ppl get to tell that they missed some one real bad ...

  15. awwww.. that was so sadd..

    why do u have to end it in death da.. shooo kashttaaamm..

    :( :( so unfair.. :(

    lovely post as alwayss..

    *sniff* *sniff* :( woow sandeep its soooo gooooooooooooooood tooooooooo gooooooood made me cry i loved it

  17. @ Neha

    Anyways... ;)

    @ Sandeep

    I know dude ... I could feel the pain in Rahul too ... The one thing I wrote was my take on the story after I read it for the first time and I felt, he needs some words od solace and also, the happening in itself is a curse on him ... Enough!!

  18. just read it
    pehlay tu i wonder, kya wahin khada khada dialogue mar ra hay, why isnt he jumping out grabbing her, bhaad mai dalo sab...

    but then ... when ishita turned back and he just cover his head like that i was like huh Loser!

    and then

    and then...

    and then...

    chillliest :S

    loved it :)

    just wondering why would roop wait for one whole day to break the news to him? to give it as a gift on their aniv :S ?
    I think roop has poisoned the driver and hence she met an accident
    I think roop is also interested in Rahul, see? I am sure wo chup chup ke usay deakhti hai
    aur emails bhi kerti hay unfimiliar ids say!

  19. also what would have Rahul done after heard that?

    he knew in his heart that roop likes him. Will he go on with her?

    he also likes her.
    Ishita is story of past.

    will he take revenge?

    will he jump from first floor (suicide) easiest way to reach Ishita??

  20. Too good sandeep, it was damn good story telling..usually while i read stories,i imagine as they're happening in real, making a movie visual out of it in my head so that i enjoy it more. Considering it you were writing and that too after all the stepMAN blogisodes....

    .... The end was too much for me reading mush stories recently, this horror twist was so bad that i felt like rahul when the realisation dawned on me... Bless the poor chap and RIP the soul :)

  21. I read the story but I must say Asbo's comment is much more interesting.. whats going on, girl???

    Sandeep, I like you happy and funny better.. Not that this wasnt good but I like you when you are funny better :D

  22. asbah does have a valid point !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    quite an introspection!

  23. wow... nice story ... but really, it wasnt that scary... it was more of a love story... nice to read one of ur perfect sad endings after a long time.. wen it comes to such stories, u really are the master.. waiting for the next one now.. go h***ie, go!!!

  24. the ending was really sad..

    very touching


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