February 25, 2009

The Writers' Lounge Film Quiz #2


Hello everyone!

Thanks for the excellent response to last week's film quiz! The winners list is at the bottom of this post.

Please make sure that you use only the link provided to submit your answers for this week's quiz and NOT the comments box.

Your comments/suggestions are very welcome :)

Good luck!

Your quiz master,

LINK TO SUBMIT ANSWERS (Please open link in a new tab/window)

Question 1: Which is the only Aamir Khan film that was inspired by Mario Puzo's The Godfather?

Question 2: 
The following questions are related to K. Asif's epic Mughal-E-Azam:

(a) Which living legend was the initial choice to play Young Saleem? 
(older Saleem was essayed by Dilip Kumar).

(b) Which actress was initially cast as Anarkali? (later played by Madhubala)
Question 3: 
Identify the film from the following characters:
Kaveri Amma

Question 4: Amol Palekar's critically acclaimed film, Paheli, is based on which short story?

Question 5: John Abraham starrer Zinda is allegedly plagiarised from which Korean film?

Question 6: Identify the film from the picture below:

LINK TO SUBMIT ANSWERS (Please open link in a new tab/window)

Last Week's Answers (Questions - Link):

1) Beauty and the Beast
2) Battle of Thermopylae
3) Pehla Nasha
4) Schindler's List

And the winners are!
1) Sandeep Balan (Blog)
2) Neha Venkatesh (Blog)
3) Mona Venkatesh (Blog)
4) Yash
5) Neha

The reward! :)

(Please note: For those who have attempted the quiz more than once, only their first attempt has been counted as a valid entry.)


  1. wowwwwwwwwww....i won...i won...i won...i won!! yipppeeeeeee...wherez the cash reward...he he...

    thanks a ton bhargav...sob sob..i cant tell you how great it feels to win this...i am getting all emotional to make this victory speech...took me back in time...till last year when i was still a student and participating in quiz contests everywhere...

    yeyyyyyyyyy...i won...i won...i won..i won....*sniff* *sniff*

    *jumps around with joy*

    Neha..ha ha ha ha...mereko haraana mushkil hi kya...naamunkin hain...ha ha ha ha(evil laughter)

  2. bhargaaaaav...plz accept my second entry bro...pleaaaaaaa..he he...

    confused older and younger salim's :-( Just realized when i re-read the questions.....plzzzzzz :-( :-(


  3. good work raghav this time i knwo all the answers
    so iam participating
    accept my entry

  4. hehe ok waiting for the next set of results now.. n congrats for the winner.. :) yaaayy

  5. @ Sandeep

    Chashma laga useless.. I am also the winner!!!

    And I think there's been a problem Bhargav. I think you considered my entry that I had posted in the comments section and my form both. Hence, I am guessing "Neha" and "Neha Venkatesh" are both me. Please check and confirm. Sorry for the trouble!!!

    Yaay... I won... I won!!!! :P @ Sandeep....

  6. congrats to the winners.. and eagerly waiting for this one's answers..

    @Sandeep: tumhe khush dekh kar mere aansu nikal aaye.. *melodramatises*

  7. Congrats all the winners :)

    Bhargav ,that was gr8 effort and a good contest :) And the second one seems tougher ;) , Guess, google wouldnt be of much use, only those who know about movies in&out can get it quick, rest have to slog a bit, anyways quite interesting dude

    way 2 go

  8. @Sandeep: I've accepted your second submission..but no mistakes from next week please! :p

    I loved your victory speech! lol! I hope you can make one next Wed too! ;)

    @Chirag: Yup, I've got your entry. Thanks.

    @Neha: You're right, I listed your name twice. Sorry! Congrats for winning! yay!!! ;)

    @kings: Thanks kings :) The quiz will get bigger and better from next week!

    Thanks to everyone for taking part! See you on Wednesday!


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