February 15, 2009

LOVE-not a bedtime story!

"I love you!"
"HELL YEAH!!I know i do!"
"awww!I love you too!"

sigh.......you all have thought about this typical convo a quarter of a million times!yeah even those who say "love is monkey crap".For me a teen(i think I'll be one all my life!)this thing is one crazy puzzle!What the dickens!!How do you know you're in it........and even when you have to get outta it you have to know if you were EVER IN IT,RIGHT?!?!?!?Well I'm not the only one scratching her head!They say true love never dies,"they" as in these filmmakers.They sure know how to fool you.....get a cliched star crossed love story,put in some love scenes,a little sappy speech and a dramatic climax..and we go home wondering "WOW!that was so cute!"someones totally "phony" love story squeezed in 2hrs!I feel love is "good shit"........an oxymoron!Seriously,it has to be some what a "biggie".No wonders they give their lives or have a love child!DAMN !A KID,that has got to be love...if not then its such a waste of time,money,energy and A CHILD!
i really don't know if I've been there but i could have been there.Sweaty palms,red ears and corny lines......the "good stuff".I guess we all feel happy when we're aloof.Even content maybe.its only when we know of the existence of this thing called "love" that we feel like aliens,like theres someone who knows us better and then the alien's quest begins!TO LOOK FOR HIS MATE!He looks everywhere,school,cheesy May Queen's Ball,lame choir parties,combined exams and even online............you name it and we teens have tried our luck there!Then when the alien finds his suitable mate the test begins.....questions,flirting,fights,a little gaging here and there.A constant analysis goes on(the human archive is HUGE!)The gen comes from everywhere....the whereabouts,everything from likes and dislikes,common interests.And finally the analysis is done."WELCOME TO THE LOVE CHAMBER,PLEASE SAY "I LOVE YOU" TO VERIFY".............and press enter!the symptoms now are----a constant sinking feeling,dazed outlook,"What a Wonderful world" is the tune you're hooked on to.some become giggly,some become all grave and serious others involve an entire bunch o friends...yeah a party for all!!!Hhehehheheh...so now the alien feels at home..."I'm special"!There is nothing more emo than a teen in love....even ET's a bit colder,YEAH trust me!
But then DOOMSDAY COMES............the mate turns out to be a snitch breaking the alien's heart.......and its funny how everyone takes this "Natural calamity".Some get hooked to songs like (AHEM,BARF!)"Lonely-Akon"....................i just want to tell them you're never going to get lucky if you keep singing that loser of a song.Some "walk a lonely road".......i pray they get hit by a truck,maybe heaven is a party!Some put freaky pictures of bleeding hands,tears of blood and pathetic quotes.WHY SO GOTH!?!?!?Leave the goth community alone,as it is they they feel life is unfair and no one loves them........and that's not it some of them go "diet goth" or emo.....why the hell?!?!?once you're over your unlucky pash you'll get back to your gay music(no offence to my pink friends!)STOP IT GUYS!don't just use these gimmicks to make a point,you guys just look like total posers.And whats with the dulls ville anthem"Right here waiting for you"???you're no handicapped goon,what the hell are you waiting for.........MOVE ON........you're just 17 or 18 or maybe 22.......its not over.......and if you still think it is...my heart bleeds for you........HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAH!
More than love,people in love puzzle me.I've had 4 crushes till date and i did nothing about them(yeah with an exception)REGRET!NO!life's too short for that and I'm too much of a egoistical hussy for thinking that way!But yeah i could've done something about them.I learnt alot from every crush though........and well also that its much more exciting to confess than sit back and watch them prancing around,hehhehehhe!They were nice old fellows........not too old though...Sometimes i feel like a wuss........but then I've got my fellow wussy cats all around the globe.And as the lines goes"“That's why they call them crushes. If they were easy, they'd call them something else.”
conclusion.........we all have alot of love around of us but we are only truly HAPPY...when we can personify it!

psst-AH yeah it was a regular Saturday yesterday,or did cupid actually come down ????Seriously, lame wasn't it?!?!


  1. Love makes this world go round, crazy, topsy turvy..say watever u want .. fact is .. it just is desired and hated both !!!

  2. conclusion.........we all have alot of love around of us but we are only truly HAPPY...when we can personify it!

    agreed! :)

  3. Hmmm I can say that too :) The conclusion is good :D

  4. Love it or hate it..You just cant ignore it :D

    That is what love is.. That irritating feeling in your stomach. The lower levels of cortisol and high levels of endophines (sorry have an exam on it tmrw) Basically, the feeling of being in love or being loved and hopefully both at the same time is something most people desire or hope for.

    Gives us something to look forward to. Gives us hope. And mostly important assurance that IT will happen..

    And btw, welcome to the club of "FOREVER TEENS"

  5. It is a state of mind which we can ignore at our own peril. We'll never know when its coming, but when it does and before we realize,it hits us hard.

    True to the title :)


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