February 15, 2009

Not all promises are meant to be broken....

It was 5.30 pm. The doctor's anesthesia was just beginning to work and I was starting to lose control over my thoughts. The past came back to me. I remembered telling him that when I would be in the hospital, I would want no flowers or no Get-well-soon cards. I would want books, loads of them, so that I wouldnt get bored. If he could slip my laptop in with a net connection, that would be the most wonderful thing.

I remembered him telling me first to shut up and then promising me that he would be there with me throughout. He would be there if and when I was in the hospital. He promised he would read the newspaper out to me and would bring me home cooked food because hospital food can suck.

As I closed my eyes, I thought to myself promises are meant to be broken. 

It was 4pm, when I opened my eyes. My room was filled with white lilies , my favourite. The trance was over. The hurt was over too. I looked to see an empty room. I sighed. I saw the door of the room open. I saw my present come in with the doctor. I saw the concerned look on his face. He looked tired. I saw his face light up when he saw me. I could sense that he wanted to hug me. But then, he let the doctor examine me. I saw that his face never felt mine. 

When the doctor was done telling me what a scare I had given all, I looked around and saw that he wasnt around. I tried to sit up but couldn't. I felt dread. I looked at the slight noise that came from the door. I saw him struggling with a large heap of books. I couldn't help but laugh.

He kept the myriad of books down and I couldn't help but laugh when I saw that sheepish grin on his face. 

I felt awake and thought to myself ... 

Not all promises are meant to be broken!!!

Ps. My exams are on. So I couldn't edit this. I wish it were shorter and more effective. But well, all I wanted to tell through this was "There is always hope..."


  1. awesome rashi!

    A very fine bulk of words chosen to pen down the most beautiful and vivacious relation on earth!

    you right so good!!
    stay blessed!

  2. exactly.. ! what a sweet story Rashi.. no editing required...it is PERRRRFFFEEECCTTTTTTTT!!! :)

  3. Wonderful one Rashi! luvd da simplicity used to define such a complicated emotion! :)

  4. Tat was sweet rashi..!!

    Loved the simplicity of it.. :)



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