February 19, 2009

Love is in the air .. 2

** All characters are imaginary and the pictures are used to relate to the actual scenes.

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It was already 5.30 pm. She knew that there was no one at home. Today she was very happy and excited. She entered her bungalow and rushed to take shower.After 10 minutes ,she got ready to get dressed up. She wanted to look like a princess before Arush. She selected a pair of shoes from her shoe box.Her eyes scanned through the closet where all her dresses were arranged sequentially. She glanced thorugh few clothes ranging from jeans to salwars,but she was not happy at all. Later on her mind recollected the fact that Arush loved blue color. She soon selected a blue dress and the matching necklaces and ornaments.She straightened her hair through a comb and cleansed her face with soap and water. She beautified her eyes by applying eyeliner and thickened her eyelashes with a mascara. She was ready for the meet. This is the first time she was going to meet some one whom she had never met before. She never knew how he looked , wheter ugly or good. She never knew how tall he was .She just wanted to meet this person who promised to be with her forever.

She looked at the wall clock and it was 6:30 pm. She knew that Arush had asked her to wait at fashion street at 7 pm. She was humming and singing songs . She got dressed and was ready to leave her house.

Paas aao ,Paas aao ,Paas aao naaa,” her cell phone rang.

“Hello ,Anki, “ Arush had called her.

“Hi Aru,” she replied.

“I will be sharp at 7 pm at FM,” he said.

“I will be there too and what color dress are you wearing today,” She asked him.

“Blue shirt and jeans,” Arush replied.

“Umm, ok then , “ and she cut the phone.

She left for Fashion street.She reached FM sharp at 7 pm. She scanned through the entire market ,but she could not find any guy out there. She tried calling Arush,but his phone was engaged.

“The Airtel number your trying to reach is currently not reachable ,try again later,” the Airtel operator said.

Now ,she was upset. Arush was searching for Ankita at the same place. He called her too .

“The idea cellular customer is busy ,” the voice message said. “Shitt!!,” he said.

Ankita ,after trying to contact him several times gave up. She was just waiting for him to call. She tried calling him again for the last time. They both were walking towards each other without knowing . At one point ,the were about to collide.

“Oh my God!! , sorry ,” Ankita said to the 6’1” tall guy.

He was wearing a blue shirt with dark blue jeans. She never looked at his shirts .

“That’s fine !!,” he said and he walked the other way. His phone was engaged again. Both were having cell phone on their hand busy trying to contact each other ,but they never realized that they spoke in real. She kept her cellphone on her bag.

The guys voice was somewhat familiar to her . She looked behind to see him once again. It seemed he was trying to contact someone. At the same time ,her cell phone rang.

Paas Aao ,Paas Aaoo,Paas Aaaonaaaa!!!!,” she started walking towards him. She stared at him for a while.

Arush was a tall man of 6”1”. He was wheatish and was a fit man.As Ankita approached him, Arush watched her.

“Is this Arush?,” she smiled.

“Yes, so you are Ankita right?,” he replied.

“Oh my god!, just now we were about to collide,” she smiled at him.

She smiled at him and looked at his eyes. Ankita was short as compared to Arush. She was dressed in blue just like Arush. Her seraphic eyes and her cherubic smiles mesmerized him . He looked into her eyes. They both were meeting each other for the first time. At their first meet, she had grabbed his attention.

“So,shall we go for the dinner,” he said and both left for the Taj.

Taj hotel is imbued with the best materials and pieces of art, furniture and interior artifacts . Due to its prime location, traditional architecture and massive size, Taj gained the status of the most iconic hotel in Mumbai. This is the reason why Arush decided to take her to Taj.

They sat on the table reserved for them .”What would you like to take?,” the hotel attendant said.

“Any thing you order,Aru,” she said to Arush.

They smiled at each other. There was no one to watch them. They both were all alone for a candle light dinner.

They looked at each others eyes. There was no one to watch them. They both were all alone for a candle light dinner.

“You don’t talk much,” he said to her.

“umm,not really,” she said.

They both spoke to each other and spoke to each other as if they knew each other since long.They started getting to know each other very well.

“I love you ,” she said of a sudden.

“I think I fell for you ,” she added.

Arush smiled at her and was listening to all that she was saying. She believed that she had met her prince in form of Arush. She loved him .

He soon touched her hands and cosed her eyes. “I got some thing for you,” he said to her.

“guess what,” he said.

She made few guess and finally gave up.”I got you a gold chain for you from Netherland,” he handed the gold chain to her.

It was one of the most costliest ornament and Arush had decided to present the same to her lady love. It was costliest and Arush bought it for 2 lakh Rs.

“Oh my god!, you’re so sweet Aru,” she thanked him for the gift.

“Even I’ve something for you,” she said and handed her gift to Arush. Arush loved the present for him and wore the gold watch on his wrist.

“Shall we go now,” he said as he paid the bill amount to the attendant.

They walked along the shores of marine drive .” I love you Anki and I want to live a life with you,” he said .

“Even me,” she replied.

He said that he was going to Delhi the next day and would call her .

“Are you really going to leave me,” she said wiping the tears from her eyes.

“No, I will be here once in a while to meet you,” he smiled at her .

“Ok ,then,” she smiled.

“I will come at the Airport tomorrow,” she expressed her sorrow for his departure from Mumbai.

“Ahh,common ,don’t cry ,” he hugged her.

They both looked at each others eyes as their lips got sealed for the first time. He kissed her …...

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  1. hmmmm what a romantic part this was.....

    good likhetu keep it up

  2. good one Stibu.. mush is my favorite flavor of fiction... :)

  3. aww..wht bout dat twist u told me bout!! :o

    anyway..well..i asked 4 a happy love story..but..still...kuch zyada feeling nhi ayi! :P
    seraphic tera fav word hai pakka..its in every story u write! hehe..

    when she says i love u...its d most special moment..n der r no emotions/expressions shown...no reactions from d guy as well...he simply presents d expensive gift n she's happy! damn! love is not bout gifts..feelings aur achhe se show karni thi ste..

    but a good read :)

  4. i knw priii...
    i wanted to picturize him as a simple rich man...nt spoilt brat

    and moreover hez an IT professional naa....i can relate that character to myself........

    and i agree on wht u say

  5. ste...good story...but i second pri...you seem to have tried to pack in a lot of stuff into one part....the results are pretty evident here...you never build up emotions and feelings for the protagonists....when anyone says those three magical words, however rich the other person may be...he/she does not take it non chalantly the way you have depicted...especially if its a yes from his side as well...you feel while reading this part that these two had already proposed, while in truth this is the first time she confesses her love for him....dont try to pack in too much in one part ste...you had such a beautiful thought...you have wasted it away in a hurry...liked the thought process but not the execution...

    expect lot lot better stuff from the solitary writer...cheers!

  6. yeah gold watch gold chain :S what materialistic love yaar!

    I would have given a rose prolly!

    and guess whattttttttttt EXACTLYYYYYYYYYY same happened to me! *sigh* me and him are best of friends, Farhan, his name btw, and last time i went to khi we decided to meet, so me and appi was there at forum (a shopping mall) and i was having the gifts and cards some and wrapping from that shop when he called that i am entering and that actually happened, we walking towards each other without realizing having cell phones, (i have a habit of looking down!) and suddenly he said over the phone are you the one who's walking towards me? and that was the second i looked up ... hehe!!

    what a day that was :D later on i would meet the other 3 net pals, meeting 5 netpals in a day :D would stay over at appi's place and would get my appointment call from KRL !!!!!!!!!!


    the only difference was that there was no love in the air :(

  7. awww that was nice..

    no twists.. nothing.. just plain romance.. nicee.. :)

  8. प्यारी कहानी है पर यह केवल सपनों में ही होता है वास्तविकता में नहीं।

  9. Thats it???
    I mean aren't you going to write further???
    And what abt the happily ever after??

    I feel its incomplete. Please write further.

  10. I was expecting more from you Ste .. this was a good read but not your best .. you write lot better !!

    ps: i agree that emotions were not there.

  11. cute... I love the fact that it ws a happy ending... A sad one would hv pissed me off cuz the first part of the story built positive anticipation... plus the title you chose... liked it :)


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