February 18, 2009

Love is in the air .. 1

**All characters in this post are imaginary.

Ankita was lingering around the shopping mall for around 45 minutes. She moved to and fro in search of a perfect gift for some one whom she had never met before. He was some one close to her, but she was devoid of his appearance. All that she knew of him was his sweet and serene voice that she loved. She knew him for around 1 year by now. She was the only daughter to her dad who wasn’t lucky enough to see her mother. She lost her mother at very young age. Ankita’s mother died when Ankita was just 5 months old. Mr. Singh could not spend much time with her little daughter. Most of the time Ankita would stay alone in solitude, just cursing her life. She wanted to live like a princess with lots and loads of happiness surrounding her.

When she looked at some one being embraced by their parents, she would badly miss her mother.Her eyes would shed tears automatically . There was no one to provide her solace when she was depressed . Her dad would remain outdoors most of the time because of his business. He didn’t had time for his daughter. Ankita was used to such little things in life. She didn’t had any cousins who could support her and not even a single soul whom she could call a best friend. Most of her friends loved her money .They praised her for every single currency note of hers. She felt backstabbed and at times she would just cry . There was some one who promised to support her at every instance of her life. She never knew him .He was introduced to her in the virtual world of internet. She met him online through some social site. He was Arush Saxena who worked as a Brand Manager for HCL ,India. At first she started ignoring him as she never advocated this trend of internet and virtual friendship. Arush possesed much more wealth than Ankita and at an age of 26 ,he owned a car and a 3 room flat . They soon exchanged their phone numbers. They had never seen each others face . At times ,he used to call her.The other day Arush was online and she took no heed to buzz and disturb him .

cool.anki85 : hey Aru..

aru.83 : yes dear.

cool.anki85 : I wanna see you.

aru.83 : tomorrow I plan to meet you.

cool.anki85 : really !!!

Arush was in Mumbai for a company meeting and this was the right time for her to meet Ankita. He was a wanderer who never lived in a city for more than 9 months due to job transfers. He worked as brand manager for HCL,India.

aru.83 : yes , I will give you a call tomorrow.

cool.anki 85 : fine then…. Bye tc ..

aru.83 : take care dear.

Today when she was sitting at the mall ,she wondered if Arush would like her. She had fallen for him without even looking at him. She had just heard his voice. Today , she was excited. Carressing her long hairs , her eyes spotted a gold watch .She found it attractive and realized that it was a perfect gift for Arush.

“Bhaiyya, whats the price of this wrist watch ?,” she asked the sales person in charge .

“18000 Rs , Madam,” He replied.

She soon handed him the amount in cash and got it packed for him. She wrote a letter for him. That letter revealed everything that was running through her mind.

“I don’t know why , I started liking you without even seeing you Arush….,” she wrote on a piece of paper and of a sudden her cell phone rang.

“Arush Calling,” was the text displayed.

“Hello,Aru,” she was excited.

“Hello Ankie I will meet you at the TAJ sharp at 8 pm,” Arush said .

“Sure, but where will you pick me up,” Anki said.

“I will pick you up at the Fashion Street,” he replied.

“Sure ,dear …bye,” she said.

“Hmm, keep your cell phone with you… ,” he said.

“bye “ and he cut the phone.

Thousand thoughts running on her mind, she gave a silent smile. She asked for the receipt from the vendor and she left the mall. Today, she was very happy . Her happiness had no bounds. She was smiling all the way thinking of Arush. Today she was going to meet some one special . It was some one whom she had never met before..

(To be continued..)


  1. oh new series, wow...
    i am waiting for more, can relate it in a way..
    lets see if it turns out as the one that i am relating it too
    nice read bro

  2. oh my god.....i want to meet my stepGIRL now....some one help ...stepMAN needs help :-p

  3. wow!! waiting for next ste...

    i love sweet love stories n urs is just dat...hope it turns out to be a happy one!!

  4. I have this weird nice feeling in my stomach and smile on my face! I'm just a little worried about the Taj part!

  5. hmmm story of the Richie Rich.. 18000 ki watch..??? :D

    loved it stibu, its my favorite flavor, the flavor of sweet love.. :)

  6. wow.. am hooked..

    eagerly waiting for the next.. :)

  7. hehe!!! :D

    I cant comment now, more lao ste phir comment karoungi :P

  8. good one
    u put good pics
    seems like a very good series

  9. i have an end in my mind... let me see what twist do you have in store?

    waiting for part 2...

  10. oye! it should be 'took no heed to NOT buzz and disturb him'... and I'm sure I gave you the idea for this... :P

    Nice one... I hope it's not gonna be related to terror attacks though!!!

    Waiting for the next part...

  11. i guess we all have that someone special .. dimensions of love change but feelings stay the same .. bice one .. waititng for more ...

  12. Nahiiiiiiiiii... aise beech me band mat karo... i m breathlessly waiting for the nxt one!

  13. ladki ke baap hain...lekin baap ka pyaar nahin...

    ladki ke paas paisa hain...lekin maa ka pyaar nahin...

    ladki ke paas tanhaaiyaan hain...lekin unn tanhaaiyo ko hataane ke liye jeevan saathi nahin...

    ladki ke aankhon main sapne hain...sapne poora karne waale ki talaash hain...

    he he he he he he...kahaani poori filmi hain boss...fulltoo masala potboiler....pyaar hawaaon main hain ;-)

    not among one of ur best ones for sure....seems you conceptualized this one in a hurry...something is lacking for sure...you somehow dont feel for ankita..you have not built up the emotions aorund the protagonists much....the plot of this one seems stereotyped...plz bring in that whiff of change that we identify you with in the next one atleast...dont make it another run of the mill umpteenth love story ste....

  14. @ every one thanks for reading this guys

    @ sandeep

    yes ur rite ...was in a hurry ..... nt amongst my best though

    part 1 may look ordinary but bet part 2 has everything...that ppl r expecting frm me....its a mushy love story yaar

    2 parts ka hai

  15. Hey, thats cute...
    But this much is not enough for me to leave a comment...
    can just say...waiting eagerly for d next 1...




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