February 6, 2009

Lord of the war - Reply

Maverick wrote this, and this is the continuation/reply to it....

Thunder clapping
Loud noise of him laughing
Thinks he has won
Mere mortals, these are..

Unparalleled power, he has
Unconquestable quest, he is
Defeat him, if you must
Defeat the demons within you.

Conquer the thirst in you
Kill the Satan within you
Resist the temptation
to kill one of you brethren.

Drop your sword
Bow your head
For your defeat in the battlefield
Is your victory over the "Azaraeth".


  1. wow! dat is way too kewlll!
    a befitting reply! maverick bows to u! u have defeated "Azaraeth"!!!!!!
    Incredible work Rashi! :)

  2. @ Mav...

    Thanks a lot for liking it... We really love Azaraeth! hehe :D

  3. Well, I read Mav's poem and this - your take on it ... the basic difference is in the point of view - where you look at it from ... a good response, I must say!
    Thanks for sharing!!


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