February 10, 2009


Like the great and famous Justin timberlake said in one of his master
pieces ‘ what goes around always comes around’ :P this rant is about
forces of nature, the superpower which puts ‘captain planet’ to shame,
the entity which always gets back to the evil, without the ‘affected’
battering an eye lid. Newton, Einstein, Swat Kats and humyum ..:P
all come together and make Justin timberlake appear like his words
should be inked in gold.

Karma states that u shed one tear of the innocent or the good and be ready
for 100 more in return. Its like u ll get shot, but darn the opposite monkey
will get a bazooka up his/her ass but but karma will be your friend only if you
are a commendable creature. Take the bullet and wait for the bazooka.
U don’t have to fire, just desire.

Because George Bush put tons of stingers behinds Osama’s ass and Osama
hated the fact and wished Georgy should get a dose of karma..
Tough luck Osa, WONT WORK.

Osama will disintegrate on mother earth and so will Bush :P

Everything has a flip side..a catch and there is a gay one here too,
You think someone needs to be taught a lesson, a remarkable one,
A life changing one and u take the bat in your hand and go all out,
Well u end up making karma your foe even though the opposite mortal is
a needle dick.

Remeady – Wait and watch, let nature and rest of the platoon do its thing,
IT ALWAYS WILL, Personal experience included.

Depending on acts, deeds, the punishment will be calculated and
for a grave sinner a master of all punishment is awarded, its called ‘LIFE’
Karma is that unseen and unknown law which adjusts wisely, intelligently and equitably each effect to its cause, tracing the latter back to its producer.
Sow an act, and you will reap a habit. Sow a habit, and you will reap a destiny,
Karma is the one running all the dark ponies out here. It jus silently says
‘I am gonna smoke you boo’

So all you goody good people out there, don’t fret, don’t pick up the sword,
We have friends, invisible friends, they go towards the kill like stains on
mattress and are they 6/6 or what.
Hello, hello, hello, hello, how low? Hello, hello, hello, hello, how low? - Nirvana


  1. *yawns*

    whatta dragged piece ...

    i could have said that if i wouldnt have enjoyed it so hell much!

    the 6/6 part!

    the bush-osama part...

    the karma, power of nature to return you what you have preceded with your hands.. hmm

    Hilarious. I loved it.

  2. he he...rohan...havent seen a combination of a strong post n a hilarious one for that matter...a refreshing change...belt out more of such stuff...

  3. wow! i hadnt read something as intersting, entertaining writeup as this one from a long long time...:) and the strong message leaves an important life's lesson on the readers mind... kudos Rohan :)

  4. hey ..thats alrite ppl..but before the famous or whatever some one justin timberlake's masterpiece... [as if there are none :P]..said what goes around comes around...its been said atleast million times longgg back.... i couldnt quite agree with that [ :D ;)]...or was it said in humourous overtones...no ideas though...but restassured it was a funky one.. :)

  5. I saw humyum in the first few lines and I just knew it had to be you...OBVIOUSLY!!!

    So the next time, people say I dont my life to be heaven but ___'s life to be hell...They should think about what you wrote here naa??

    Welcome btw!!! :) It was a brilliantly written thing. Just got me thinking :D

  6. This is awesome stuff awesomely written! Good job dude... Could put such a serious and contemplative idea in such a humorous way...

    My prediction: By 2050, China will self-destruct. Its economic and political system will collapse for it does not value human rights. And yes, this is just a prediction. I dont want this to happen or not happen. I am just guessing what the karmic vengeance will be :) Let the karma do its job. I rather not interfere :)

  7. wc in shreyans! I dont think i have seen you around before? (does that make me blind or something? :P )

  8. You have pretty good eye-sight Asbah I must say... New here... Beginning on a new creative journey... Will enjoy along the way... You have a great ride too...

    Thanks for this place :)


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