February 10, 2009

Dev D : Movie Review

Well, apologies for the late review.

Dev D,is a movie that definitely is not a Devdas. And it certainly does not boast about being in the league of the previous Devdas's may it be Dilip Kumar's or Shah Rukh Khan's. Dev D, is a fresh script and the characters are superbly written. Director Anurag Kashyap, has made a movie with a simple script told in a really complex way with the casting director being absolutely on target with the casting of every charcter. Dev D is no over the moon movie, but it simply justifies the fact that you do not need big stars to make a movie look good.

Dev D's protagonist Devender Singh Aka Dev(Abhay Deol) is a spoilt brat coming from a really well off punjabi family. Dev,arrogant yet so sensible falls in love with his childhood friend Paro Aka Parminder(Mahie Gill). Unseen circumstances lead to Dev losing Paro, who goes on to marry an close family acquaintance leaving Dev to his all time companion "Alcohol". Dev goes on to realize how much he actually loved Paro and gets completely into Alcohol-Drugs and Girls. Now during this phase is when he comes across Chanda(Kalki Koechlin), a prostitue through a local pimp Chunni(Dibyendu Bhattacharya). Dev finds comfort and lot of relief as he continues to spend time with Chanda letting out all that he ever had for Paro, both fall in love. Dev leaves Chanda no sooner his conscious pricks him about Chanda being a Sex Worker. Life again seems to take Dev for a ride as circumstances put him into some serious legal tangle. The things that follow is to watch for, which gives this movie a happy ending.

Dev D, definitely is engaging.. but only in parts. The movie is slow paced which might make the audience restless during certain parts of the movie. Dev D also has the real world touch to it, recreating the DPS MMS Scandal and BMW Road Rage killings in the movie. The man who steals the show with an impeccable performance is Abhay Deol. He is awesome throughout the movie making you cling onto the movie even in the most slowest of scenes.He is definitely showing his worth as an Actor. The performance of Mahie Gill and Kalki Koechlin is to watch out for. It definitely does not feel like its their first movie. They're too good for their first movie. And as far as the other actors go, they've delivered the goods quite perfectly. Dev D, is movie that shows intimate scenes of the movie differently and boldly. Music of the movie is average,the song "Tauba Tera Jalwa" being the most liked one.

Dev D simply lacks the pace that's needed, making it an average movie at the end of the day. And am quite sure about the fact that the movie will get mixed reviews among different groups of audience apart from the Critic's. Dev D is a movie that not everyone will like after watching it, as its so far from the usual commercial cinema.
I would suggest you to go watch the movie and see for yourself.
But still for people who're in a double mind, this is not a Must Watch.

I will go with 7 out of 10, for Anurag Kashyap's Dev D.
Ans two thumbs up for the freshness and the direction of the movie.

Not a Must Watch, but i suggest you to.

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  1. There seems to be a freshness in this one. Abhay seems to have a new lease of life from his past debacles. The movies is critically acclaimed and getting mixed responses. :)

  2. I don't quite agree with you Raghav. DevD seemed a fantastic movie to me. Anurag Kashyap virtually re-invented the wheel and along the way re-invented himself & DevD became a symbol of the times we live in. Here instead of philosophical ambiguity it's the unbounded hedonism,both physical as well as psychological,that proves to be Dev's undoing.The music is superb. Saali Khushi & Nayan Tarse are brilliantly made songs in a film where every song is heartwrenching and joyous in the same vein.DevD is chaotically brilliant and wonderfully repugnant.

  3. @siddhartha

    Yup..you're right. I cant agree more on this.rightly said :)

  4. I think Abhay Deol sure has seasoned as an actor.His last "Oye Lucky Oye" was also a treat to watch.And as far as both the female actors go,they both have theater backgrounds,which is why they were able render mature performances.....Its momentum sure dies down at places,but i believe its worth a watch,Its fresh,VERY honest.......and even thoh some might call it "vulgar" in some bits,i think its a bold and daring venture by the way of direction.Anurag Kashyap whos famous for his works eg.Black Friday etc...sure has done some good work,thoh its quite a surprise after something like "No Smoking"......a disastrous flick made just to diss the censor board!!!All in all i side with raghav,the review sure gens you up on every aspect o the movie!Kudos!

  5. @siddhartha
    hmmm!! u certainly can't put Dev D among the best movies ever made!
    its definitely good and again i liked it..!!
    No offends! what rating shud it get according to you??

  6. @Curbside Prophet

    THanks bro! yeah his OLLO was a treat too!!

  7. right said !! I too liked DEV D but its not smthing i want to watch again in theater too soon .. Its fresh, purely raw at places and hard hitting too ... Nice review Rags :)

  8. @Curbside Prophet/Anchita

    Sorry about that :)..!!
    well nice to hear ur name Anchita!! Far better than Curbside Prophet!!!
    well, thanks again :)

  9. hey Rag you are better than a professional.. you are doing good work.. not much into movies but I'd still say I dont need listen to movie reviews on tv anymore...

    :) we are glad to have you around.. :)

  10. wow...welcome home raghav ;-)

    i totally stand by your review. The movie of course is different, but you wudnt want to see it twice. Critics would acclaim it anyhow coz of the freshness it brings to the table, yet not a cult movie by any standards.

    Looking forward to more of your reviews rag...

    hi curbside prophet aka anchita...welcome to the lounge...i liked the way u described urself as a chick..he he..joking ;-)

  11. wow! we have an official Movie Critic too :D wow!!

    and lol @ sandeep!

  12. thanks raghav
    and after reading critics i want to watch it
    because last film of abhay deol oye lucky is also a good movie

  13. well..i havnt watched devD..n from wht i heard bout it from a frnd who watched...i will never want to watch it..only thing i like is d atyachar song...
    rest...ufff....a super cheap movie!!
    (n i m sure its an understatement :P )

  14. Ya rightttttt.......

    It's the most disgusting movie I've ever watched.

    "The CHEAPEST"

    No offence to anyone.

    It's perception!!


    You can go and take the risk!!


    The background score,2 dialogues,Abhay Deol and the song "Attyachar" are the things I liked in the movie.


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