February 10, 2009

An intelligent fool

Its sometimes beautiful to see the seeming paradox in words but in truth, how they complement each other.

If people need to be classified on a spectrum of intelligence, one end of the spectrum would be the most intelligent and the other would be the most dumb. On the other hand, if you were to classify them on a spectrum of wisdom, one end would make the most wise and the other would be the most foolish.

Accordingly, we have 4 types of men/women in this world:
1. The wise brain: This category of people make the most positive difference in the world. The are not only intelligent but also wise enough to know where to use their intelligence. Gandhi, Vivekananda fall in this category. [General attitude: The means are more important than the ends, Everything is possible]

2. The wise non-intellectual: This includes all those people in the world who can seemingly do nothing but the amount of difference their mere presence and opinions make is incredible. They wont give you great ideas but they will help you with all your problems. Not a genius but very very wise. Like a lot of those school teachers you had who might not be big brains but who taught you the right things. [General attitude: The means are more important than the ends, Be practical]

3. The dumb fool: These are people with pathetic ideas and luckily, they dont make much difference to the world either for they do not use their intellect to their best capabilities. A lot many people you meet everyday could be classified here and yet the irony is there are no examples to provide. Perhaps, that is not an irony but the obvious. [General attitude: The ends are more important than the means, Be practical]

4. The intelligent fool: These are the most dangerous. They are intelligent but dont know where to use their brain. Extremely unwise. Hitler, Ramalinga Raju, Osama and all those who have changed the world for the worse fall in this category. It is easy to identify people of this category. The company of such people is in itself a mere torture. [General attitude: The ends are more important than the means, Everything is possible]

So, beware of the intelligent fool! Be with them only if you are the wise brain to know you can let your wisdom influence them. Lest, stay away!


PS: A wise woman once wrote "It is our choices...that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities."


  1. i think i fall in the second category :) not coz m intelligent but i am helpful still !!

    interesting post :)

  2. I was thinking too about which category I fell...Then I started thinking which category George Bush fell into! :P

    Very very interesting post!! :D

  3. i seem to possess a few qualities from each category! hmmmmm..

  4. Interesting post! Nice to have spotted this blog!

  5. i dono where i fall in, or i fall in any at all or not, may be between categories, but thats debate-able. And I dont want to debate right now.

    currently my minds is all set to accept the general wisdom as it is pushed forth. So, whatta wise post.

  6. :) hey quite interesting and informative...

  7. It would not always happen that you fall in one of these four categories. As I said, these categories represent two spectra and you can lie anywhere in between a spectrum. You may be intelligent in some cases, dumb in others, wise in some cases, foolish in others.

    But, I guess you guys got the gist of it well. Thanks for reading :)... Hv a great day ahead!

  8. Hey.. Interesting post..!! Nice observations btw..!!

    I think i fall into the second category.. though i have a few qualities from other points as well..!!

    Unique Post bro..



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