February 10, 2009

2 POint Someone...!! part- 5

Note- All characters in the story are fictitious. Though we have used some real names, its just intended for fun. So no hard feelings.:) And thanks to Ste for the cartoon.

You can catch the previous parts by clicking on the cartoon on the right hand sidebar of the blog. Enjoy

RJ stood on the dais in the classroom lost into thoughts. He recollected how Prats, Ste and Mr. RiverSoul literally pushed him onto the dais to write a computer program. He looked at Ste, who was laughing like a mad dog. He turned to Prats and saw a sense of pride on her face. Then he managed a glance towards Mr. RiverSoul who had a ‘gold-teeth’ exhibition inside his mouth and was staring like a pissed-off cop. RJ dint know an iota about computer programming.

“Come on. Hurry up. Everyone are waiting.” Mr.RiverSoul warned. RJ thought about running away from the classroom, but that would only make him a joker, so refrained. Time was running out. If he was a girl he would have cried out loud, but somewhere he was sure for himself that he was a guy.
“I said- Start.” Mr. RiverSoul shouted above his voice.

RJ fainted and fell on to the ground at once. Ste, after laughing his life out, was almost under the bench when he noticed his friend RJ collapse. He stood on the bench with his hands on his head. Mr. RiverSoul couldn’t understand what had happened and was watching it with shock with his mouth open wider this time making the gold-exhibition open for public. Prats’ face was wet with sweat and tears as she thought it was due to her that this happened.
Anyway, Mr.RiverSoul closed the exhibition and hurried to RJ and sprinkled water on him. There was no response from RJ. Mr. RiverSoul got tensed and ran outside to bring someone for assistance. Meanwhile, Ste came running to RJ and looked at him like how people would peep into a binoculars. RJ all of a sudden opened his eyes, winked and said to Ste- “Come on yaar, lets run out of the class.”

“What? What the hell? Was all this acting? You asshole… Mr. RiverSoul will screw you.” Ste said trying to come to terms with the fact.

“What will he do man? What will a man whose soul is in the river do uh? Come on, lets get out.” RJ stood up. They both, within a flash ran out of the classroom. Kajal had become a fan of these two. Prats rubbed her eyes and pinched herself after what she had just witnessed. Chirag stood up and clapped hands.

Outside, Ste and RJ wandered aimlessly. They spotted Priyanka who had bunked the class (famous for it) sitting under a tree practicing yoga with her laptop. They met each other and shook hands. Ste suggested that they should go have something to eat and all the three left to a nearby restaurant.

As they reached the restaurant, RJ noticed that it was closed.

“Why the hell is this closed?” RJ asked Ste and Pri.

A voice from behind said- “ The hotel’s staff have gone for lunch. So closed.”

Initially he said “Okay” but then realized what a stupid logic it was. What sense does it make if the hotel is closed for lunch. He turned around to have a look at the dumb man who had said that, but to his shock it was none other than Mr.RiverSoul. Priyanka had escaped from sight. Mr. RiverSoul held both their collars and dragged them back to the college.

There he said- “ Go meet the Principal and get a written permission. Until that you will not be allowed into the class.”

Both RJ and Ste, for the third time in the day entered the principal room. Princi Mr.Sandeep Balan was again standing in the same fashion, looking out of the window with his hands on his hips. RJ and Ste noticed the Principal’s ‘letter-head’ on his table and thought about stealing it so that they could write anything they wished to. RJ carefully picked it up and just as they thought they had achieved it, Ste planted his foot on a pen, tripped and fell directly on Mr.Sandeep Balan and hence both had a filmi fall. RJ dint know whether to laugh, cry or run after watching the scene. Ste slept horizontally over Mr. Sandeep Balan.


  1. he he...is there a reason for my strange posture everytime bro? mystery mystery!! he he..

    back after a long break...i think the break has not helped it...was slightly low on the humour quotient, but i am sure it will gain momentum....good one arjun...really appreciate an exclusive series for our lounge..infact two of them going on ;-)

  2. priyanka doing yoga on her laptop was whacky...he he he...lolz ;-)

  3. it had me smiling throughout.. and hey i am fain of RJ and Ste.. in real life too.. :)

    i too wanted to ask.. what is so interesting outside the window that the principal is always found looking outside and with that particular posture.. disclose the mystery :)

  4. gimme the chance to reveal it in my series arjun...he he he ;-)

  5. @ Sandeep

    The mystery will be revealed due course of time.. hehe...
    If u want to reveal it.. then go on.. hehe

    Abt the humour quotient, it was purposeful effort.. Like my previous posts I dint want to make every line funny making it an overdose.. I wanted this to be simple..... Guess, ppl r too used my regular style.. hehe..

    and more over i had 20 minutes to write it...so couldn't have a second look.. :)

    Thanks Sandeep.. ;)


  6. @kangal

    hehe... Thnk u... send us a garland..hehe :P just kidding..

    wats outside the window....wait n see... :P hehe

    Sandeep is to eager to reveal it in his series... we'll know it from him.. ;)


  7. so i am waiting and watching!

    loads of falling and slipping and crying and laughing phew!!
    but funny :P
    LoL. good going guys, we have two funny series going on, we should have a melancholy one too!!

    and i was wondering how famous this ste-rj pair getting na ;)

    hehe! keep writing/

  8. common arjun

    u always leave me at this point where we both encounter the princi mr balan.....hehehe
    see and i have to think something else now....lol

    but was funny man...loved it

    priyanka practicing yoga with lappy was more fun and prats reaction was funny hehehehe....this post attracts humour lol

    yeah asbah we do have 2 humour series running parallelly ......more fun naaa ;-)

  9. arjun....would want you to jump in and write an episode of stepMAN as well...there needs to be some episode where the two series fuse ;-)

  10. Wow! that was whacky... another nice episode, after a big break... Ste slipped on a pen.. hehe... and the hotel one was good too... :D

    Hehe... Imagine the laughter riots then... ;)

  11. i laughed the most at the gold exhibition...wht a way to express...whoooaaawwww

  12. hehe..good one fan!!
    had me smiling...... famous 4 bunks..yeah...n whts dat yoga wid lappy!! loll :D
    n ya..alwys make d princi fall down...! wid ste of course! :P
    waiting for nxt!!

  13. @asbah

    Shall me and Ste start with a melancholy series??? Imagine how that would be...
    But seriously, any series exclusive to the lounge would be great... I know this post was just not that good... Lesson learnt.. Never post it when u r in a hurry.. :) hehe

    Thanks asbah.. the mod.. :P


  14. @Ste

    Hey stibu mama.. U left me to write a computer program, so i took revenge... hehe .. lolz..

    If u really liked the humour..Good :) I'm happy..

    But hey guys... Anyone can point out when u feel it's getting too silly or stupid.... :)
    But a humour series is like tat.. crazy n stupid... hehe.. but anyways... let me know..

    Ste, ur turn next.. U'r sleeping on Sandeep... Wat is this?? Will see how u'll tackle that.. :P


  15. @Sandeep

    Should u say that??? :P

    Sure buddy.. pleasure.. ;)

    I'm already taking revenge on Ste.. With ur series, I can literally play with him.. hehe


  16. @Akansha

    Different ppl liked different parts... good.. :)

    Thanks Aks.. ;)

  17. @Naveen

    Thanks bro... See.. u liked this one... good good.. I'm happy.. hehe

    Thanks.. :)

  18. @fan

    If u r not bunking but attending classes.. Then it'll be a shame on me to write such a story.. hehehe.. :P

    Yoga thing is something like what these saints do.. sit under the tree and inhale-exhale all day....hehe... pictured it tat way.. :P

    Ste and Malan.. oops.. Balan have a long chemistry between them....
    Something is there.. hehe


  19. Hey guys!
    You both better get that permission letter from our princi or else, I'll close down my exhibition
    Awesome yoga on lappy :)
    Can't stop laughing my golden teeth off!

  20. lol hehehe
    yes bro will defn try out something funny


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