February 20, 2009

I am back to rock the Lounge after a long time......

Dearest Writers’ Loungers,

Namaskaram! As I address this to you all, I am overflowing with nostalgia like a tumbler of filter kaapi. For many of you who are new to this territory, I was once the uncrowned Maharaja of this place. So, for the benefit of the chinna kuttys (small cute babies) here, I have written a small introduction. You see, children should be told about legends so that they can learn and be inspired. So, introducing…

Twenty-five years ago, a dynamite was born in a small Malayali kudumbam (family). Babies cry when they are smacked on their butts after birth. This one was different. He hummed a tune when smacked on his butt. Years later, the same tune was used by Rahman for a song in a hit Rajini movie. Such was the power in this little lavangi, who grew up to be an atom bomb named Sandeep Malan. Kaboom!!!

I don’t want to blow my own Nadaswaram. You can read the stories of my heroic acts right here (www.sandeepmalan.blogspot.com). People have written these so that they remain, for generations to read and learn from. I must mention my dear friend Stephen, who insisted on recounting Sandeep’s fables on the lounge. How could I refuse this? Such adulation, I tell you!

Of late, I have been away from the lounge for professional and personal reasons. My erstwhile company, Airvoice cellular had been saddling me with work. I don’t blame them—they couldn’t rely on any tom, dick, and harry for such a big project. Now that I am done with project “Roadaas,” I have quit my job and decided to set up my own business. (Stephen, kanna, you wrote a story about that also na?)

Yesterday, one white colored bird came to my window, fluttering its wings wildly as if something had upset it. Paavam! Then, it pointed towards my computer. When I switched it on, the photo of a superhero popped up. The bird started fluttering its wings even more violently on seeing that photo. Obvious, illaya (isn’t it)? Some strange noise playing in the background… sounded like a few people locked inside the loo, banging on the door and shouting so that someone can let them out. Ridiculous, I say! Purple suit with polka-dotted underwear? I read about him—some fellow called StepMAN—about to take over the lounge aa? I decided that I had to stage a comeback. The lounge needs real-life heroes like me, not some half cock-half man character.

“Naan eppo varuven eppadi varuvennu yarukkum theriyathu. Eppo varunumo appo correctaa varuven.” (When I`ll come, how I`ll come, nobody knows. But when I need to come, I`ll be there.)

So, dear Loungers, here I am—the real hero of the lounge. Watch out for me! And I’ll be watching out for all you lovely girls out there!

Yours always,

Sandeep Malan aka Malu


  1. Oh.... another hero!! Welcome back sir!!

    "overflowing with nostalgia like a tumbler of filter kaapi.."

    "uncrowned Maharaja of this place..."

    "He hummed a tune when smacked on his butt. Years later, the same tune was used by Rahman for a song in a hit Rajini movie."

    "I don’t want to blow my own Nadaswaram."

    "Some strange noise playing in the background… sounded like a few people locked inside the loo, banging on the door and shouting so that someone can let them out."

    "...not some half cock-half man character."

    ROFL !!!!

    Still ROFL !!!

    The battle of the two superheroes... this could be interesting...

    Can't wait to


  2. you know i even changed my plan to go to amerigo just because of this guy with polka dotted underwear ..

    there can be only one hero in Writers Lounge

    either me or him

  3. Malan z back as well ? ! yayz!!!
    LMAO :P hehe

  4. neha.....

    u think i cant differentiate between your write n ste's!!

    he he...you are dead meat now!! wait n watch neha aunty...tu toh gayi kaam se...

    *good narrative...nice flow...

    Lord Save Neha! Amen!!

  5. Malan sir seems to be like King Julian of the Madagascar fame! Hehe

  6. hehe...funny....war of d two lounge heroes...wow!!

    lol :D

  7. i agree with pri - war of the two lounge heroes.. lol.. this Malan is gonna recreate a laughter riot..! :) waiting waiting.. :D

  8. my vote goes to you sir !!! welcome back :D

  9. ahh haa..

    welcome back..

    shooo korreee misss cheeddduu.. :)

    hehe ennii kannan nalla rassam arrikyum..

    well ppl who dont understand malayalam.. i said that was missin him.. and now it will be fun to watch the lounge..

    hehe so it will be the war between the titans.. yaaayyy.. :)

  10. one thing for sure is... Malan can speak tamil too good... thts something interesting in this mallu...

  11. malan n stepMAN are ste himself..hehe...split personalities.....valid point kings...another proof my lord that its ste...arrest him...uff..yeh duniya abhi bhi proof maangti hain...he he...

  12. hehehe heroes can speak many languages and that doesnt means that its mee

  13. @ kings

    The real identity of Malan will soon be revealed. He's an enigma... a legend. The mystery behind his personality will unravel in the weeks to come... Balu may try to write him off as Ste... but the truth will be out... soon... watch out!!!

    Some Mallus can speak Tamil and love Tamil songs too... Does that remind you of anyone you know Balu? Try "Karuppana kaiyaala yenna piduchchaan..." (apologies for the spelling!!!)


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