February 20, 2009

Get closer to StepMAN....My first post on the Lounge...

Hey,Lounge valo
Mujhe pehchaano,
Mein hun aaya ,
Mein hun man
Mein hun man
Mein hun kaun
Mein hun,Mein hun
Mein hun StepMAN.

Yays, I can't believe this guys. I am really very happy that I am considered as a superhero in the Lounge. Yes, I am a superhero no doubts ,but this Lounge has given me love. I really feel proud after reading those series written by Sandeep ,Asbah,Priyanka,Kajal and Arjun. I some times feel that they have exaggerated at certain parts. I was not the same as described by these people. I was adored by chicks wherever I go.

" Wherever StepMAN goes, chicks follow him "

I should be thankful to one of my best friend Sandeep Balan. He has put in so much efforts to bring this adventure series of mine. Secondly I would like to thank "The Solitary Writer" who is my mirror image. It was because of him that my series is still alive. Every week I will write a post to get a feedback from all my fans out here.I want to know how people acknowledge my work. Last week I'd been too busy as I had travelled to Brazil. The BIM i.e Brazil Institute of Management had asked me to give a lecture to its management student.They also asked me to advice brazilian girls not to wear bikini's in beaches. StepMAN is always surrounded by chicks and this point pissed me off . After giving my speech , I flew over the green amazon forest and the beaches of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. I am sorry ,my dear fans. Due to my hectic schedule , I am not able to process my fans request and because of which the request database is flooded with messages. I assure you that I will see through your requests and come up with a sure shot solution to all your problems.Recently ,a very famous telecom company had selected me to endorse their products and they have given me the status of being their brand ambassador.It is in the first time in history that a superhero is made brand ambassador of any organisation.I also got a chance to act in Ram Gopal Verma's next movie ,but I refused to accept it after seeing "AAG". I will be shortly seen in a commercial ad where I will be seen with Katrina Kaif endorsing Jepsi, a coldrink.
Dushmano ka dost,
Dosto ka dushman.
mein hun StepMAN.

I would like to utilize this post to answer my fans letter.This is the first letter that I got from my Loyal fan who loves me.

1. StepMAN, you promised me that you will send me gifts for my birthday which was on 15th February. Everytime I used to wait at the door so that the postman would come to bring StepMANs gift.You have disappointed me. When I asked you again,you told me that you had send me loads and lots of Cadbury chocolates. When you said this,my mouth started watering.And when I wait at the door on my birthday,the postman says that you don't have any letters. You know I was crying and my mummy didn't knew about this.Even my bhaiyya who works in a famous company in Mumbai didn't told anything about you.StepMANs gift was precious to me. I am very sad StepMAN.I hate you.You lied and you are not a Superhero.I will not talk to you.If you want me to talk to you,then send me 7 big bags of chocolates. Love you Superhero ...StepMAN..Superheroes ka baap.
-Sandhya Balan ,Kerala

Dear Sandhya,
I am extremely happy to know that I have got great fans like you.As I had already told you,StepMANs main strengh lies in his fans and peoples happiness.I had send you a big box of cadbury chocolates on 14th February,2009.Just check it out with the postal department.Some one one the way must have gorged over the chocolates. If not I will again send you 7 big bags of chocolates along with cashewnuts and almonds for you and your family.But in return ,I will need 10 Jackfruits and two big sacks containing fresh coconuts for free.Thank you for this letter Sandhya.StepMAN loves you all.

I will be replying to my fans query and letters every week .You can contact me
or add me on my gtalk

or send me an sms to FRIEND SMAN < your details > to 3533.

StepMAN loves everyone in the Lounge
Kisses !!!


  1. thats amazing ....

    never knew superheroes could be brand ambassadors, reply to fan mail, send them birthday gifts, become a management lecturer...

    who else could help common man so much..but none other than our very super hero...StepMAN..Superheroes ka baap...

    waiting for the stepMAN to come down to namma chennai....hehehe....

  2. start an outlet of Stephy innerwears there....

    Learn to do some social service like tat.. okay???

    I thought Mr.Verma was out of his mind after he did Aag... So it didn't surprise me when he approached u....

    Jail stepMAN.... oops...Hail stepMAN..!!

  3. hey you person with polka dotted boxer...

    aii returned bock to lounge.....

    i will take care you

    better dnt mess up with Maluu

  4. loll...hehe...

    ohh wow!! StepMAN..great to hav a post from ur side!! yes yes..u dont need to mention...we all know dat apna stephen is ur mirror image...or is it more?! :P ...will only b revealed as d series progresses! :D

    P.S. kya yaar StepMAN..i posted my problem on d community...scrap b kia..sms b kia..but u didnt help me!!
    i had to pay my reappear fee of 2500 today!! shit!!

  5. fan,
    i love dis: Jail stepMAN.... oops...Hail stepMAN..!!


  6. hehhheeh a post from the man himself.. stepMAN has certainly become the talk of the town.. :)

    And Sandhya's letter was so cute.. :)

  7. hehe the letter was really cute..

    n malu.. hehe interesting things r happening..:P

  8. WOW... two superheroes in their own right.. quite very interesting to watch... continue mallu... hail stepMAN....hehehehhe.... ;)

    lets see how they go around together !!!!!!


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