February 14, 2009

True Lies!

He kept calling her, the day after their break up.
She was filled with attitude and ignorance, She was ‘love you
Love you’ the day before the breakup and after that a total U turn.
His life was in a turmoil and the only person who did not stand
by him was her.

He could not believe the fact that people change like ‘click’ , he still cant.
It took him almost a year and some months to get over her, Imagine so much
time to get over someone, Who did not, does not and will never care.

What does a girl want ? I go around with this guy , I get married to him
A single word called ‘ commitment’ and wow this guy named this 10
letter word even before she could say it, all her past relationships were
filled with the idea of ‘ only live for today’

Now this would be every girlfriends dream , but nope, some people just
believe in the phrase ‘variety is the spice of life’

Now in this case, who’s at loss? The girl who likes variety or the guy who
is the one women types ?

Why should the guy go through all the pain and misery when the opposite
subject takes ‘Gone in 60 seconds’ too personally ?

She started dating someone 10 days after the breakup, while he was stuck in
time for ages to come.

In this 21 century era where genuine people are hard to find, you do find
one and you do manage to ruin his life , well I guess ‘some people never
realize what they lost until their life turns into a melodrama and the only
person who can save them has been kicked by them for being too geniune.

People would say the person who is happy among the two
is the one who is not at loss!
I respectfully beg to disagree, the person who still has his self respect,
character and dignity intact is the one who is not at loss,
happiness yes..will take time to come, but good people always have an
permanent angel stationed above their head.
God always makes his presence felt, he can see everything,
he can feel everything, He can judge right from the wrong and
his justice is always commendable, at least he did give this guy the
justice he deserved.

He was still not happy, because at the bottom of his heart he
could not see anything drastic happening to her, he loved her truly.
He was at war with himself, the devil and angel inside him fought
everyday weather to get sadistic pleasure out of her misfortunes or
just feel sad for her.

Ultimately he chucked both of them and became numb. No happiness makes
him happy nor misfortunes make him sad. He is no more at war.
He lives his dreams and strives to make the angel inside him to
reappear and slowly but steadily one card at a time its coming.
Coming to bring him back to life, Bring him back to who he was,
Bring his smile back. Bring his life back.

Maybe i always knew, my fragile dreams would be broken - Anathema


  1. Numbness is a stage before healing! He will heal, he will feel, he probably love too! Only if he has hope and when he finds that some1 who will the tears of phoenix with him!

  2. oooh I forgot TORA TORA!!!

  3. A happy ending will thus follow..but wht bout situations when it's hard to get over with it? when the numbness doesn't come because of the turmoils and whirlpools in mind?
    There are situations when he says is this what i was made for?
    is this what i prayed for?

  4. ‘some people never
    realize what they lost until their life turns into a melodrama and the only
    person who can save them has been kicked by them for being too geniune.

    awesome piece!

  5. Rashi@ If wishes come true, I wish I was not that guy :)

    Navchawla@ If the opposite entity is a monster, which it always is otherwise u would not want to get over, it takes times but eventually u do,remember their deeds and the process will be on its way :)and yes i am glad i went through this,smart I am now, but i want my old self back.Like a cocktail of Vista and windows 2000.

    uz@ thanks :)

    SatansDarling: Thanks, it will and yeah satans darlin..ha ha ..i want him on my side too :P

  6. all I'd say is time is the greatest healer...

    today we shed tears for something and tomorrow a thought of these tears bring a smile on our faces..

    Have a good one, Rohan...

  7. wish it was this simple for all ... breaking up isnt easy for anyone ... not even for the person who declares it first ..

  8. 1) what is tora tota?

    2) This is Extended Rant.

    3) I am remembering Neha's one liner... when the love which was incorrect made me so happy, how happy would i be when i would find my true Love?

    Awesome line :)

    learn it. and try to learn it fast!
    all the good people are destined to get good People, InshAllah! so high hopes ;)


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