February 13, 2009

Goblet of Glass

Pre-Script : YES, you are right IF you think this is dedicated to you :)

I have this goblet of glass,
Of it falling, I'm scared. 
Day in and out, I'm worried, 
that this will drop
and break into a hundred pieces.

I have this goblet of glass.
Crystal and clear.
Untainted. Of it I'm worried
That I will spoil it all
for now and forever.

I have this goblet of glass
filled with fluid ruby, precious
Nectar of life. I'm worried
That this will spill
all over my life and his.

I have this goblet of glass.
And it is mine, all mine.
Let it break, I wont.
That this will fall
Only when I drop down.

I have this goblet of glass
Filled with precious ruby of mine
Tainted but gave it all I got.
No more scared I'm.
Fear replaced by hope and love.

P.s:  I have to tell you the history or rather the story of the picture above. This picture if of a $1000 ice cream available at a place called Serendipity. It has 23 karat gold all over it. And yes, I hate frivolous spending but this is my dream. I want to have it !! SOON!! Ok, my rant is now over. 


  1. lol awesome. nectar of life. i liked that

    read By the river piedra I sat down and wept?

    how the narrator makes her lover to break the glass... break the ego! fall in love? or acknowledge your falling!

    I would have done the same if it was worth of 5 cents!

    no, i like local icecream ;)

    (grapes are sour?) hehe

  2. You know the people who have the describe life as before they had it and after it!!

    I tried to symbolise the glass as the heart! His heart! This is one of my poems I'm most nervous about!

  3. Nervous!!!
    Dont be ...
    Anyways ... ;)


    Hope your dream come true ... soon!

    I always admire your poetry ... the sense of it ... I find similarity between your and Priyanka's writing ... I dont know, may be wrong!

    Cheers ... keep on writing :)

  4. @ Asbah

    I read that novel, as I told you before ... the similarity is striking here ... the Goblet, the glass, the pieces - the ego, the love, the impression and the echo!

    Thanks for making me remember the time when I was reading the book ... there was so much of changes in my life that time ... I would never go back to that stage again!

  5. WHAT? 1000 $ ice cream ?:O
    Paris hilton edition ? lol ..:P

    Life is a goblet of glasses,
    Harry potter with his jaadu,
    Life is a goblet of glasses,
    Aila re ladki mast mast tu aila re

    See No rhyming scheme :P

    ok ok..i was kiddin..:P

    Loved the poem..

    Tora Tora

  6. gosh !! that was some serious writing !! no kidding !! Kudos to do full justice to the thoughts :)

  7. Tainted but gave it all I got.
    No more scared I'm.
    Fear replaced by hope and love.

    I am speechless Rash, it was one of your masterpeices treasure it.. and whenever I am writing my next post and I am labelling this one as one my favorite posts of the day.... :)
    see, I stole your nervousness :)

  8. Really good one rash. It had a depth,seriousness and a meaning like no other. And the comparisons used were too good.Anybody can relate to it in one way or the other.


  9. one of ur best Rashi..!! :)


  10. It's a mini master piece .the major being the mind who has invoked the idea...

    Stay blessed!


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