February 12, 2009

Good guy VS Tail pipe emissions!

At king circle bus stop.

She: Are u single
Me: Do u own a merc?
She: Yes i do
Me: I am not talking about what u call a merc.
She: yeah real merc it is.
Me: bus stop?? Let me guess, mika hakkinen has taken it for a drive?
She: I believe in not contributing to the noise pollution, air pollution,
congestion, deteroration of mother earth @%!@!%#%@!$T^
Me: I believe in pressure horns, freeflows, loud mufflers, redline launches,
Burnouts, rich air/fuel mixtures, V12s, 5 kmpl @!2%@!
She: opposites attract?
Me: for a lady ownin a merc I ll change my polarity.Lets get married:D
She: What if I say I own a Honda city?
Me: Lets go around
She: Swift?
Me: lets be friends
She: Alto?
Me:Fuck off. I m commited.

Moral of the story: My likings need a human touch and she needs a better car :P:P

Im your turbo lover, tell me there's no other, Im your turbo lover, better run for cover - Judas Priest


  1. By these standards, I'm wondering where I stand. After all you've a swift to pick and drop me naa?


    Tora tora!!!

  2. whatever!

    and someone was looking for a girl who'd take a ride on bus with him when the limo breaks down !!

    DownRight Hypocrisy!!!

    PS. loved it.

  3. ha ha .. made me laugh !!! thanks for sharing :)

  4. yeah it sure made me laugh.. :P

  5. AWW MAN,this was so smart and short,for a moment i felt proud o being shallow!!!:P

  6. psst-what better time than this to listen to Crosstown Traffic........:P


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