February 21, 2009

shattered hopes....

aaj jab mein results dekhna nikla, mein apni ank dekhne ke liye itna utsuk thaa maano mujhe hi pata nahi aaj mujhmein kya hua. Jab kal Anurag ne mujhe call kiya tha 6 baje,tabh mein zara pareshan lag raha tha.Bahut saal baad mein fir se internet mein apna results dekhne wala tha.....apni aakhein band karte hua meine apne numbers lagaye , congragulations dikhaya gaya aur mein khushi se tarbatar ho gaya.Mein bahut khush huaaa ,par aaj jab mein apne marks dekhne college gaya tabh mujhe pata chala ki yeh khushi sirf do din ke liye seemit the. Han jii ,meine sapne mein bhi nahi socha tha ki mujhe kam marks milenge...is baar mujhe sirf 65 % mile jo pichlii baar se kahi guna kam hai ,pichle sem mein mere 74% the.Sabhi dost mere khushi se jhum ute ,par mein rote huee ghar ke liye nikal pada... meine maa se vaada kiya tha ki is baar mere 70% se jyada marks milenge..abh mein unse kya kahta...apni paaa se mein kya kahta...abh bhi is waqt mere aakhon se aasu aa rahe hai...mujhep ata nahi mein yeh kyun nahi samaj sakta hun ki mere kam marks kyun aaye. agar mere dusre dosto aur anyaaaa logo ka bhi kam marks hota toh mein chintit rahta....par najane kya hua ...sirf mujhe hi itne kam marks mile.....abh toh mujhe agle sem mein bahut padhna padega.....kya karun mujhe samaj mein hi nahi aata.....

i feel dejected..... i think all my hard work have gone to bin. How could I get less marks if the other undeservings have got good marks.....i know i am wrong,but at this point of time I can't control my emotions and anger.......am crying....


  1. stephen
    i am feelin d same ryt now.. Rejected disownd and shattered :'(

  2. aaaee guys dont feel dejected.. i know sometimes it does feel unfair.. but just dont leave hope.. u can always do well next time.. and then ur project.. am sure it will be fine..

  3. omg!!
    i cnt believe marks k liye koi itna senti ho sakta hai!!
    tujhe abhi samjhaya to tha..marks hath ka mail hai..total moh maya...get out of it...grow ovr it...its d MOST immaterial thing in life!!

    maa se vaada kia tha...oops...tu mom se aise vaade karta hai...hehe...
    tu b na...aish kar....kya marks k liye rote rehta hai....chill steeeeee.... :)

  4. thik hai bhai log
    ab jo ho gaya usako chodo aur
    positive thinking k sath aage badho
    apani galtiya dhundho unahe sudharo

    and jo hota hai acche k liye hota hai

  5. hey ste! dnt wrry! man we r engineers remember! Here shit happens! even though u giv it ur best da end rslt always depends on sum shitty moderator's mood! So cheer up! u gav it ur best shot! u knw dat! And as u say if u wer brilliant b4 ur mom knows dat u hav given all ur efforts to b succesful! :)

  6. oye! chill... it doesn't matter man! what were you planning to do with those marks... I did nothing being a good student with excellent scores all my school life... coz it turned out they were useless!

    These are no different...

  7. dude take it easy da...your overall percent is more than 60 naa ...toh kya farak padhta hain ....

    Thr's always next time ...next sem mann ....Damn! U mentioned me on your post too ..lol...Be happy dude ...

    U atleast passed and you know it ain't easy to do that especially here in Mumbai University ...So chillax :)

  8. tension mat le SteFUN......have FUN SteFUN !! :P

    yeyyy...new name........ SteFUN!!!!! :D

  9. Hey tumhara hindi toh ekdum rapchik hai.. good buddy !! anyways tension mat le.. hv masti !!

  10. chin up ste :)

    see this:

    1) Zyada dukh is baat ka nai huta ke apke numbers kaam kiun ayay, zyada dukh ye huta hay ke apke dostoun ke numbers zyada kiu ayay! :P

    2) Hard work NEVER never go waste! just have a firm believe in it!

    3) there is no one undeserving!

    nothing matters in life, as long as you think high of yourself, but dont let it get to your head :P keep up the hard work, loads of wishes for next term!

    Insi? why dejection??

  11. dude ... analyse, leatn, and move on :) you will definitely get what you deserve :)

  12. Cheer up Ste :) Hota hai hota hai! Mere saath toh kuch zyaada hi hota hai! Lekin mujhe abhi tension hi nahi hoti! Work harder the next time around :)

  13. Dude... chill man... Its all ur skill and attitude that matter..i know ur in the final year of ur studies.. so hang on..give the best shot.. never feel down ..otherwise it will take toll in ur confidence..lemme knw if you anythin specific in mind..come in gtalk ..okays... this time around jobs and all stuff seem not doing good either..so plan out for alternative options like higher studies or other job as well. ;)

    Life is like that...

  14. i hope by now Stibu is all back to his cheerful self and has great plans to get awesome grades in the coming semester.... all my best wishes are with you.. :)


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