February 20, 2009

StepMAN Fans Message Box

Plz leave your comments for the StepMAN image (courtesy: John Kingsley) and the theme music launch here.

Hail StepMAN!


  1. wowwwwwww.....awesomeeeee!!! :D
    hehehe...masttt hai...lolll..

    d pic is wow!!! great john...finally our hero revealed!!!
    n d music is reallyy gud too...lyrics r just apt!!! :D
    needless to say....amazinggg !dea twin..hehe ;)

    Hail StepMAN!!!

  2. heeeeehaaaaaaaaaaw.... WOWs ;)..gr8 music...heheheh...blending perfectly for our superhero da stepMAN...to the bore....ahem sorry...to the fore...

    never expected it to land up here..

    sandeeep lemme know if it needed to be tweaked for stepMAN the saviour poses... :)

  3. Kings and sandeep u rock ! :P
    Too good ;)
    Hial StepMAN hail StepMAN ;)

  4. @twin

    he he he he...mast hain naa...ste chacha would have died of a stroke if he wud have heard the earlier song...kiss me over the phone! ha ha ha ha...and ya...great image kings made for stepMAN...keep watching that space...kings is gonna gimme a lot more stuff...and i will update this quite often...yipppeeee!! ;-)

  5. @kings

    he he he...all credit to you...*pat on the back*

    yup yaar...i will send you a detailed mail giving you a sneak peek into the transformation, so that you could make more poses...and ya..stepman the saviour poses are always welcome!! go go stepMAN...hail stepMAN!!

  6. @nan

    kings will thank you seperately on his behalf..he he...i bow down and graciously accept nan's praise ;-)

    lot more in store nan...lot more...rock on!! ;-)

  7. am wondering where did my comment go.. :(( not fair..

    hehe anyways sandyy hehe that was really cool..like u said.. hehe stepman ka isssee aur zyaada advertising kisi ne nahi kiya ..

    looks more like we can start an album for him.. lol..

    btw where is steph :P

  8. hmm

    good good :0....

    pats on ur back kings

    stepmans granna liked ur work and he made a slide show of it....

    btw... ani
    steph is no where

  9. Awesome guys..!! stepMAN stepMAN stepMAN...

    Jail stepMAN... oops... Hail stepMAN..!!


  10. hehe..yaa twin...last song was mast too...kiss me thru d fon...lol....n music ws also so funny!! :D

  11. stepMAN.. stepMan,
    where did you ran?
    if its too hot in here,
    try hanging on the fan!
    if something wrong happens to you,
    i'll fetch you an ambulance van.
    Oops I forgot , i'm sorry,
    you, yourself are the stepMAN.. !!

    stepMAN - superheroes ka baap!!

    p.s. forgive me for the poem.. :P


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