February 8, 2009

Broken Bond..

I was typing fastly and was enjoying chat with B when suddenly my msn informed me that you came online.. heart beated a little fast and my fingers trembled , they slowed thier speed. I again started my work witha little hope in my heart you will be nudging me with in few minutes but then my wait turned into edginess (اضطراب). Argh! why aren't you nudging me or texting me you are online and its 30 minutes now but then only i remembered something we are no more friends. Time insulated us or i may say our ways were now serperated & it hurts i dont know why! but it hurts. I know we will never come accross each other any more, we wont be seeing each other and this idea this fact it just kills..

P.S(I dedicte this piece to one of my finest friend.. as we are no more friends..still sumtimes i feel as if we r still inseparable.I know it so silly of me but i cant i just cant throw you out of my memories i dont even try so..=$..)


  1. Hey,,its so very similar to my feelings at the moment..!!

    I fell out with a very special friend,Smriti..but the memories of our togetherness still haunt me day and night.

  2. Hey,

    Very well written and beautifully explained how it feels when those things that you cherish the most fall apart.

    Sorry to interfere but...I think you should talk to that person once and patch up your differences. Who knows...may be your friend also thinks that way!?!

    Go ahead...



  3. hey sad.. :( i still hope someday your friend comes and talks to you and things get fine..

  4. Misunderstandings can be solved and distances can be covered..

    If that friend is really special, make an effort..Try to mend this.. :D

    try just once..Atleast you will never feel guilty for not having tried!

  5. painfull..it haunts...atleast a hi-bye...see smile...relationship should work ..i guess..patching up atleast superficially would mend such haunting wounds :)

  6. know this feeling ... well written !!

  7. whattttttttt!! kya baat hay yaar :) i love this word izteraab :) so much that my first blog is named izterab :)

  8. Hey you should seriously try talking to your friend... if not directly, ask a mutual friend to help you out... differences don't have to stay as differences, they can also become matters of opinion, you may have different opinions on different issues, but that really doesn't have to mean an end to friendship... gud luck! I hope you can patch up... :)

  9. hey its sumfin very old and its jst me who miss .. =) how can one think of not goiung again makng compromises on frdship btu tht was impossible!


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