February 8, 2009


Another one of my stories. I know dat the start isnt as promising [:P] but i request you to go thru the entire story! It is kind long and hence have started it on da lounge and continued it on my blog! I would appreciate if u guys commented afta reading on da lounge itself! Sorry for the inconvenience if any! :)

"Another blast at a crowded Delhi marketplace. Many people feared dead and atleast a hundred gravely injured."

"Terrorists strike. Homeland security fails again. Chief Minister blames security agencies for this incident while the agencies deny any previous intel on this incident."

"ATS captures mastermind behind blasts. Public demand for harsh punishment. Case would be presented in apex court."

"Human rights activists to protest against the hanging of the mastermind behind the recent blasts. Say that it’s inhuman to do so!"

The television screamed headlines as incidents after incidents of terror rocked the nation. My head spun at the sight of the gruesome images of the mortally wounded victims lying around. The media covered these incidents with such enthusiasm as if it were a wedding reception. The sheer idiocy of claiming that "The images that are going to be displayed could affect you adversely!!" made me cringe!

It has been this way for quite a long time. Terrorists pursue their so called justified agendas taking the lives of countless innocent people to fulfill them. Our elected leaders try to inefficiently handle the crisis. Arrests are made some time later and people are booked under various sections of the law. The justice procedure prods along at its own pace. People claiming to be human rights activists fight for the freedom of these terrorists stating the cause that they too are human and that we won't be very different from them if their lives were taken.

I have long since wondered if these circumstances would change. To deal with the devil you need to metamorphose into a demon yourself. Unless you make it clear that terror in any of its forms won't be tolerated you are failing to make a statement.

You might be wondering what this is all about. Isn't all this too familiar? Everyone feels this way; then what's so new about penning down the same clich├ęd story.
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  1. i agree with prats.. it is brilliant.. :)

  2. yup..that was a creative,passionate,true feelings[:( sic... what a democracy..whr one misuses power every other time] ..though heavily borrowed ideas..and finally a good write and a brilliant effort :)

  3. @ Kajal
    Thnk u! :)

    @ Kings
    I kno afta writing it i realized it was as if i had borrowed ideas from 2-3 movies etc...But afta puttin in such an effort it was impossible to just do away wid it! so posted it!
    Glad u likd it! nxt time will try to cum up wid sumthng fresh throughout! :)

  4. Hey i never meant to discourage ya :D ,more over what you had writen is the way i feel most of the times. A self styled vigilante for the cause!! Its frustation teemed up and inaction on the part of the weak government(what ever it may be, not oly cong). Its just that i wanted to give usefull suggestions or criticism.

    Mostly here ppl give good reviews and thats it :P, a chance to improve upon fails away :D.

    Finally,that was well written.Style was kinda good. Seems you spent a whole day or two to it for getting it into shape. :)


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