February 22, 2009


Life moves, Life conquers,

You came, You conquered,

The heart missed the beat,

But the anonymity reigned,

The anonymity had drawn me to you,

And everything else became meaningless.

Meaningless was the voices,

Meaningless was the sky,

And meaningless was the moon and the stars,

Meaningless was you and meaningless was me,

Meaningless in itself was the meaning.

The meaning of the emotion,

The meaning of the truth,

The meaning of the feeling,

And the meaning of the love,

Lovingness of the presence,

And the presence of the absence.

Absence and the numbness had drawn me to you,

And your numbness made you take the risk,

My silence provoked you and your silence is killing me,

I wondered I contemplated and searched for meanings,

My heart gave answers and my head rejected it,

I wondered and I wondered.

Wonder in the anonymity still aghast me,

I still wonder if it’s meant to be,

The mystery reigns and the silence exists,

The meaning is still void and there is still a search,

But then the feeling of anonymity exist everywhere,

But I still wait and wait ……,

Maybe for an answer….maybe for a conclusion.


  1. Anonymity and meanings in life. A very abstract topic , handled well.

    Life as it is very dynamic and chaotic in nature. Looking forward to more such posts.. :)

  2. The abstractedness of life made me compose this piece.....hoping to find some coherence by the piece....glad someone liked it :-)

  3. I like abstract poetry ,, it has so amny diensions to explore and narrate .. liked this one :)

  4. I told ya! This is the best you have composed so far!

  5. thanks baby :D ur words mean the most to me always :D

  6. whoaa that was just wow..

    so many questions .. n some many things left unsaid.. n unanswered.. n everything has its anonymity n mystery..


  7. thanks ...that's y the title 'Anonymity' :-)

  8. i second Prats... you have handled it well :)


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