February 22, 2009

Tring trring...

Okay I know this is not how cell phones ring these days... but since I can't emulate the thousands of ring tones on cell... well this should do...

And by now, I guess you know I am talking about...

We see people bragging about their high-end sleek slim 'latesht' mobiles... well I am not going to do that...

My handset looks like a purane zamaane ka dabba, but ironically... it still gets used more than the latesht pieces of my friends, because more often than not... their phones are balance-less. 

Mine is post-paid! 

You find people clicking pictures all over the place...(yeah, you get the idea...) I can proudly say that I never do that.... 

(My cell doesn't have a camera... :D )

You find people on their two wheelers, oblivious to the car honking at ear-cracking noise levels with earphones and music blaring in their ears (yeah Linkin Park fans!). Well I never do that either... 

(Hehe... my cell doesn't have any songs, or FM either :D )

The favourite pass time of my friends seems to be Bluetoothing... 

(Yeah mine isn't...)

Flowers and hearts adore the cell screen of their cells...

(I hate those...)

People live in constant worry... about their precious ones...

(My cell doesn't have a SIM and nobody would want it even if I were to gift it for free...  so no worries... and bina tension ke aadmi zyada jeeta hai na... :D )

And my cell can do modelling too...
See... toh behtar kaun???

P.S. I seem to have lost my voice... thanks to inflated tonsils, as it is I have such a 'surili' awaaz... it sounds like crockery crashing right now... ;)


  1. Yeahhhhh.......So true.I can relate to each word of this post.

    People keep showing off their "latesht" mobile phones...

    and even ipods :D

    But despite all that I still love my Nokia 1108,simple yet so versatile ;)!!


  2. Hey Akansha,, a superb illustration of the "Old is Gold" fact.
    I agree with you..Ur cellphone facilitates you with all the requisite functions,, in the sense,that there is no dearth of the basic features that are indispensible for a mobile user.There is no need to be swayed by those so-clled "latesht" models available in the market.

    Nevertheless, I still prefer my Nokia N72..and can't even think of doing away with it.

    An amazing post.
    Very relateable!!

  3. @Where thoughts are words
    Well I love showing off my ipod too :D

    And Nokia 1108 was the first handset I had albeit only for a month or two... :)

  4. i dont really fancy 'latesht' phones... but ya...if i like one..den...it happened wid moto slvr...my current fon...saw it in pink...liked it soooo much...but got silver colour...coz my chota bro said i will want to take it kabhi kabhi...so no pink...oops...i didnt mind much..silver ws cute too....n besides..it ws just a crush..hehehe...

    but now its love pakka...wid w580i...n den as i said..dont really fancy new new fons..so i ws happy all dis while...n den i saw w580i...PINK...n its wowwwww...in love...lol...but aaj hi got to know of its defect...uski keys break ho jati hai bahut jaldi hi ....man...shit!! heart broken!! n it happens wid all fons...not a rare case...sob sob...mujhe aur koi fon nahi nazar aata..i love dat...shit...
    so..still...its w580i or none! :P

  5. @Mohita
    Hehe... I'd do that too if I had one... :D

  6. @Priyanka
    Hmm... this looks like true love to me... :P and looks like I'm not the only one with a cool handset... :P :D

  7. no wonder u filed it under attempted humour hehe

    i have n70 which has all features described by u in this post ...but i believe on the fact that

    phone hota hai sirf baat karne ke liye wht say aks ...sahi kahaa naa beedu

  8. @Ste
    Hehe... thank god somebody noticed the label... ;)

    And yes I believe very firmly that mobiles are mere tools to stay in touch with people... BUT I want a camera waala mobile... being the photographer of the family(:D) taking my digicam everywhere is a BIG pain... you end up doing only photography everywhere instead of enjoying yourself... :P

    Baaki kuch nahi bhi hoga toh chalega... :D

  9. i only hope honey that this wont happen sometime soon:

    My friends are always busy talking, even all the night!

    I dont do it :D, I enjoy a peaceful sleep. My phone crashed!


    some silly people are wounding their thumbs punching keys typing messages, damn I dont like it!
    my vendor doent offer sms :P

    hehe! no offence meant. i love it. I pooled money for mnths to buy nokia 6280 two years back and then one day i dropped it from my lap (when descending the car) and lost it! mourned it for one whole year and lived with a sasta phone :P

    but then my sis gifted me W660i and i am currently in love with it :D

  10. I had to take a cam cell coz only that has the kind of audio i loved... but m still happy with it .. music is my lifeline wen travelling or bored or sleepy .. so i need smthing !! wat better then having it in cell :)

  11. Akanshas post has now inspired me and I am in love with my K850i <3<3<3 I took a few pictures too haha!

  12. phones are man's best friend or the best way to reach friens... :O i am confused!! help?? :P

  13. akanksha couldnt help agreeing to u.i too keep using cheap n simple handsets,as allmost every time my cellphone gets caught by my hostel warden as its prohibited.sometimes i get jealous seeing my friend's flashy phones..but hey ur post makes me feel better..now i wont feel that bad i guess!

  14. I have my hands on both... I mean I'm confused ... I feel both ways... All these days i just loved simple ones... Nowadays i'm gettin to like the jinchak phones.....

    I'll better not say anything more... hehe :P


  15. Sorry for replying late people... i was not in town... :D

    Hehe... I am kind of in love with my own cell, even though it's a dabba! ;)

  16. @Pretty Me
    Well I have an ipod so I don't miss songs... but yeah I'd love to have a handy camera on the mobile...

  17. @Satans Darling
    Oh good, all dabbas are useful! :P

  18. @pink orchid
    Hmm... it kinda depends on how you choose to use it! :D

  19. @crystal gal
    Aww... don't worry gal! There's a new handset in the market every second week... you can always look forward to buying one that suits your taste... it's not like one is going to give it up for life... not anytime soon! :P

  20. @Arjun
    Don't worry, this was meant to bring a smile on the reader's face... nobody really needs to introspect so much... but I can actually hear some obsolete models thanking me right now! :D :P ;)


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