February 26, 2009

Her Mausam Mera Apna Hai

Chahae rishton ki hararat hu

Ya dukh ki dhoob jala daley

mere dil ki khali nagri ko

Kuch aur adhura ker daley

Her mausam mera apna hai

Mere ankhon ko pur num kare

Ya rooh ko pyasa ker daley

mere sab jugnu ura de

Ya mere sang andhera ker daley

Her mausam mera apna hai

Munjhe yadon ki saughat jo dae

Ya man ko khali ke daley

Mere jeevan ki her daali ko

Her sukh se aari ker daley

Her mausam mera apna hai

Mujhe lafzon ko zuban de

Ya mere qalam ko aajiz ker daley

mujhe khud main tankha ker de

Ya mere sang mahafil ker daley

Her mausam mera Apna hai


  1. its so nice urza...really sweet n lovely!! :)

  2. thank you priya..

    your words of appreciation worth a sweet hug!!

  3. its gud
    bt some words are not clear
    i mean ya to spelling galat hai ya me nahi janta meaning un words ke

    like....hararat,dhoob,dhoob,dhoob, i think this are words iam not able to understand plzz explain the meaning of this words

    other than that some lines are not able to describe the feeling of this poem.

  4. thankyou chiragh for pointing out the words ...
    wel, hararat means the warmth

    warmth of relationships..
    of emotions that are bestowed for relations

    dhoob( or dhoop) in apparent meaning is the sunrays, sunlight...
    and in poem its used as an intensity of miseries and woes that cause a burn to a human soul .

    what else!!

    stay blessed!

  5. thanks a lot
    some more words i left in the above comment

  6. UZ
    where r u ghayab gal?
    the poem.. its awesum.. the feel was pure and close to my heart

  7. aaari means "deprive of"

    deprive me of all the blisses

    and aajiz is "reliant ","dependent" unable to do anything without others' help"

    make my pen reliant to others words..

    hope it would help [:)]


  8. Thanks illusion!
    I is up with preperation of papers and with assignments..
    need tons of prayers ..
    will come back on 7th feb inshaAllah!*hugs*

  9. best of luck - love - wishes - prayers!


    You spoke my heart, as you always do!

  10. @chirag..
    never mention,it's my pleasure that you give my piece a thought..

    And Asbah!!
    we always write about "Us" .be it a poem , a comic or a thought !!
    Stay blessed
    keep praying as i feel blessed when you pray for me!

  11. uz... you write beautiful poems.. this is one of your excellent works.. loved it!

  12. Ty pink! your words are a real gem for me .. BELIEVE ME! *love*

    thanks anie!
    jeeti rahaye!


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