February 17, 2009

2 Point Someone..!! part- 7

Note- All characters in the story are fictitious. Though we have used some real names, its just intended for fun. So no hard feelings.:) And thanks to Ste for the cartoon.

You can catch the previous parts by clicking on the cartoon on the right hand sidebar of the blog. Enjoy

RJ had not observed the board- “Beware Of Dogs,” but Ste was fully aware of what was written on it. RJ walked to the window, when he heard loud music from inside and peeped through it. Kajal was dancing for the tunes of- “ Dola re Dola re Dola…..” from Devdas. Ste too came up and bounced in a peep. They both started laughing, emanating sounds like that of a truck with starting problems. Their laugh ride stopped when they heard a “Grrrrr…grrrrr…..grrrrr” from behind. Ste could immediately sense where that sound came from, while RJ’s picturing was on a different planet altogether. He stared at Ste disgustingly. Ste returned a look suggesting- “It was not me.” Before they could start an argument, they heard the- “Grrr…grrr…grrr..” all over again. They both turned around together to find a black, well-built, apparently feral dog with shiny eyes and white teeth. Ste tried to act brave and stepped forward. RJ interrupted- “Wait” resting his hands over Ste’s shoulder. “We must treat animals with love, Ste” RJ announced and smiled at the dog as if he was the dog’s girlfriend/boyfriend. The dog too stepped further and let out a loud bark- “ Bhowwwww….” RJ’s smile evaporated and it turned into a face drowned with fear. Ste, who observed all this, whispered to RJ- “ I think this dog goes to the gym, man. Look at it’s body.” Ste stumbled upon to some idea, which he got from some stupid movie and said to RJ- “ Now, you wait and watch Mister RJ.” He stepped forward precociously with contrived anger written all over his face and with his mouth instantly firing a scary- “ Bhoww… Bhowww…” while he made an action as if to stone the dog. The dog didn’t budge, instead got pissed and retracted by stepping two paces towards Ste, barked “Bhoww..Bhoww..Bhowwwwwwww..” louder this time and vindictively exhibited it’s devilish teeth with another- “ Grr..grrr.grrr..” Ste stepped back and let a low voiced- “Meaow” and shut his mouth. RJ observed that Ste was shivering with fear. Ste’s actions duplicated Micheal Jackson’s dance steps, RJ thought.

RJ’s bulb in his head ignited as he got an idea. He recollected the poster outside the gate, which said- “ Just sms HELP to 03533 anytime and stepMAN (Superheroes ka baap) would be there within minutes.” He did so promptly leaving the address along with it. Within minutes, they observed stepMAN approaching from the sky like a descending rocket. By the glimpses they captured of stepMAN, they concluded that he looked confused and tense. StepMAN, who sped downwards, forgot how to apply brakes and hence crashed into the ground, which literally lurched the dog and these two. The dog, which initially ran away, came back running towards stepMAN who was now fallen flat on the ground. RJ and Ste looked at each other’s pissed off faces, while kajal who was inside still had no clue about the events unfolding outside and continued imitating Madhuri Dixit with- “ Dola re Dola re..”
StepMAN seemed to be unconscious but his entwined tail made ‘slow- motion’ movements as if like waving the white flag. RJ and Ste were glad to realize that stepMAN hadn’t gone to hell yet. Ste had wondered if stepMAN- Superheroes ka baap had now become- stepMAN- Superheroes ka paap. Anyway, the dog then circled stepMAN thrice and started to lick the pictures of the fruits that were printed on stepMAN’s boxers. RJ and Ste sensed this was the best time to escape and they did so implacably without caring a damn about stepMAN.

They exchanged a high-five and walked along. “Did you piss in your pants?” RJ asked Ste. Ste shot back- “ Shut up, idiot. I at least tried. You acted like a gay.” They began fighting like school children. In between the fight, out of nowhere, Ste suggested- “ Hey we shall at least go to Chirag’s house and get the notes.”

“Good Idea” reciprocated RJ.

After a long walk, they reached Chirag’s house, which looked more like a temple. They launched a search in and around the gates to see if there was a “Beware Of Dogs” board. There wasn’t any and hence they decided to enter in. Ste pictured in his mind, a board- “Beware Of Chirag” and laughed to himself. RJ observed this and wondered if Ste was bit by that mad dog or something. Anyway, they had this bad habit of peeping through the window. They both approached and peeped through the window and saw that Chirag was standing upside down. He stood on his head with his toes pointing the ceiling. RJ and Ste observed inquisitively with their eyes and mouths wide open. He then released himself from that posture and walked to the nearby pooja room and began chanting mantras. RJ and Ste who were amazed by this, planned to play a game with Chirag.

They crawled to the door, rang the bell and ran away behind the bushes to watch the scene secretly. Chirag promptly came out to see, but went back disappointed and angry. Ste and RJ repeated the act again and ran to the bushes. This time, the angry Chirag had come with a cane to see who the idiots were. “He would have bashed us man.” Ste said to RJ and they both giggled. They repeated the act once again, that too with two rings this time and ran back behind the bush. As and when they hid themselves, awe struck them when they saw their hindi professor Mr.Tan (Chirag’s favourite) walk into the gate towards the door. He walked slowly and reached the door and was about to ring the bell. Chirag, meanwhile with a bigger cane this time approached the door in full speed and crash opened the door. RJ and Ste closed their eyes.


  1. stepMAN- Superheroes ka paap

    so very apt :P :P

  2. rofl....superheroes ka paap...that was a gem...really a hilarious part...the stepMAN entry was the icing on the cake...u shud have kept stephen mysteriously away when stepMAN arrives ;-)

    good episode...

  3. wel written!
    reallly hilarious!!
    and stepman!!superheros ka Paap!! :d
    i wonder what would be his next name :P :P

    keep up!!

  4. enough of u guys.......don't play with me.....dare you make mockery of a superhero like me......

    RJ now you will regret one day for writing this about StepMAN

  5. @nandini

    hehe.. yeah..!!
    it can also be- superzeroes ka baap..!! :P

  6. @Sandeep

    Thanks bro....

    Ste is the hero... how to keep him away man?? :P hehe

  7. @Uzra

    Thanks for liking it uzra..!! :)

    Yeah, as i said, maybe- Superzeroes ka baap..!!

  8. @stepMAN

    hehe..stepMAN... I'll light fire onto ur tail...Mind it..!! :P

    Don't exhibit ur monkey skills with me.. okay?? :P

  9. @Chirag bhai

    U dint comment anything on ur role?? kya yar..!! :P

    Thank u Chirag..!!

  10. Loving this series...

    Can't stop laughing...

    Superheroes ka paap??!!!

    And superzeroes ka baap!!!

    Can't wait for the next one!!

  11. hahahaha..gr8 job done..super heroes ka paap hehehe...
    i am waiting to see how Prof. Tan skull looked like after he gets a blow of the bigger can :P

  12. hahaaaha i loved the ending the most..i m still laughing.. and what's with my dola re dola re.. rofl!!!!!!!! :P keep it coming guys...me loving it .! :D

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  14. arjun bhai role par comment kya karu
    accha laga role
    chalane do badhia likh rahe ho
    bas me itna darawna nahi hu na hi me katunga
    to beware of chirag galat hai

  15. wowww arjun!!
    dat ws sooo funny!!! :D
    i loved d entry of stepMAN..lol...n of course..superheroes ka paap...hehe...
    impressed for the Nth time fan..!! :D
    eagerly awaiting next.......

  16. @Neha

    Really glad Neha..!! Hope u keep enjoying our series..!! :)


    hehe.. me too waiting for that... :)Chirag is his favourite student and vice versa too... Tats the most exciting part..hehe
    Thanks a ton bro for always coming by..!!

  17. @kangal

    hehe.. i pictured the dola re dance step in a funny way.. dont know how others visualised it.. hehe

    Thanks ya.... !! Keep waiting..!! :D

  18. @chirag

    hehe.. yar.. woh tho ste ne bola.. usko pakad..!! ;)

    Thanks yar..!!

    @Satan..ok..Satan's Darling :P

    Thankq thankq thankq :) :) :)

  19. @fan

    hehe.. I too enjoyed stepMAN's crash landing entry... hehe

    Thanks for the Nth time fan..!! hehe :)

  20. Guess I'm a li'l late in reading... but it's fun... and the two super stories are fusing...

    Par ye college ke first day ke liye thoda zyada nahi ho gaya??? :P

    But I love the humour... :D

  21. ha ha !! poor professor TAN !! wonder wat happened to him .. neway chirag is too sweet to hurt any one :)

  22. @Akansha

    ya.. i was just thinkin of that...

    Too much for the first day na.... Lets hope at least Ste takes it forward....


    wait n see...!!

    Chirag.. ya... both in real life and in this series... :P

  23. ha ha ha.. that was a good one..

    stepman superheroes ka baap.. hehe

    cant wait for the next part.. :)


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