February 15, 2009

2 Point Someone..!! part - 6

Note- All characters in the story are fictitious. Though we have used some real names, its just intended for fun. So no hard feelings.:) And thanks to Ste for the cartoon.

You can catch the previous parts by clicking on the cartoon on the right hand sidebar of the blog. Enjoy

Princi Balan started screeching loudly. RJ was sniggering at Ste and winked at him.Ste felt like kicking RJ from behind,but he couldn't do so. An idea struck in his mind and he soon pulled him down. RJ slipped over Ste and the principal screamed in pain once again. "Damn,get up you rogues," he pushed both of them and tried to get up.After a while,the principal got up and took a sigh of relief. He opened his Bisleri bottle that was wrapped in a polythene plastic and took a sip of water.

"Enough of you guys,get your parents on Friday", Sandeep Balan asked them to leave for once.
RJ and Ste once again started their begging business. "Puhlease!!," RJ winked at the principal. "Oye!! What are you doing?," the principal went behind."Sir,please," Ste told him that it won't happen again. RJ's eyes soon got a glance of his principals monitor screen. He was chatting with a person having id as adorable.richa83.RJ some how managed to peep into it and he read few lines.

balan83 :where were you sweety? Everytime I look for you outside my window......
adorable.richa83 :Yes,I know dad was here so I couldn't come to meet you.
balan83 : huh ,Richie!!!!.
adorable.richa83 : next time I promise I will come to see you, I will be standing outside your office....
balan83 : thats like a good girl.
adorable.richa83 : u there balu..
adorable.richa83: Buzz!!
adorable.richa83: Buzz!!
adorable.richa83: Buzz!! where did you go dear ??
adorable.richa83: Buzz!!

"Richaaa!!!,"RJ whispered on Ste's ears."Abhey,whoz Richa?," Ste shouted.
"I know who is Richa," RJ gave a wicked smile at his principal."What are you telling?Who is Richa",Sandeep Balan acted as if he heard this name for the first time.

"I know the reason behind sir peeping outside the window with hands on his hips," he started laughing loudly. "Ok,I see you guys later," Sandeep Balan started sweating profusely and rushed to his bathroom.

"Abhey ,who is Richa ,"Ste eagerly asked RJ. "Its his girlfriend," RJ winked at Ste.

"What?? thats a news ," Ste screamed with joy . They both were excited as they got to know their principals secret. As they came outside they could see Uzra and Nandini with some handwritten notes."Hey girls!!," RJ asked them about the note. "Thats leave note brother," they both said in unison.RJ's heart broke of a sudden as he heard the word brother."Bye,"and both of them left. On their way ,they could see their bunker friend Priyanka with her dad and laptop.Her laptop was her biggest asset. It was believed that she started using internet when she was just 6 years old and made her first gmail id when she was just 7 years old. Her dad was pinching her and was shouting at her in Punjabi.

"tainu islayi college phejya si ki tu lectures bunk kare? (Have I send you to college to bunk lectures?)",her dad slapped at her

"Papaji na maro.. mera dost ithe aaya huya hai(dad ,please don't beat me ,my friends are here)," Priyanka requested her dad not to beat her infront of her friends .

And of sudden Priyanka's father heard a buzz from her laptop.He asked her to hand over the laptop to him ,but she refused to give him.He pulled the laptop from her and saw that she was accessing internet through WiFi connectivity .She was online from her gtalk id. Her classmate Ashrita had sent her an instant message and hence he heard the buzz sound.
ashrita1: (4:36pm) Oye!!Prii where are you now?
priyanka18 : (4:38pm) I am sitting under the banyan tree yaar.
ashrita1: (4:39 pm) what are you doing?
priyanka18 : (4:41pm) i am practicing yoga.
ashrita1: (4:42pm) teek hai
priyanka18 : (4:43pm) Omg!!! Papaji is here ...baapre
ashrita1 :(4:45pm) U there prii.
ashrita1 :(4:52pm)hello madam..
ashrita1 :(4:58pm) koi hai ...prii
ashrita1 :(4:59pm) Buzz!!

"Who is ashrita?and what is she doing?,"her daddy asked her.
"She is my classmate , she is at hospital as she fractured her legs," she said to her dad with a low voice.

"Oye Item,what happened?,"RJ asked Priyanka.
"Daddy hai, please go away yaar,"Priyanka asked RJ and Ste to leave for once.

"Shayad Riversoul sir had called her dad,"Ste told to RJ. It was 5pm and they both left for their home.

"How was your college son?," RJ's parents asked RJ when he reached home.
"College was fun," RJ smiled at them.

"Is deewane ladke ko koi samjao,"his cellphone rang..
It was Ste."Hey dude ,listen meet me at 8 pm at Beden gardens ,"Ste said.
"Ok ,Sirjii," he replied.
As promised RJ was waiting for Ste at the Beden gardens.

After 15 minutes,Ste entered the garden like a superhero with his sleeves folded till his elbow. He searched for RJ ,but he couldn't find him any where.It was already dark at the Beden gardens.

Someone from behind touched his shoulders.Ste looked behind to see who it was ."Mummy ,bhoot ,koi bachao," he screamed for help. "Arey ,its me man ," RJ removed the boogey man mask that he was wearing.
"Sale ,you scared me," Ste was panting heavily.
They both sat over the grass. "We are going to Kajal's house," Ste said to RJ. "Why?," RJ asked Ste. "You forgot or what,"Ste said to him. Riversoul sir had asked both of them to write a computer program for matrix addition.
"What is matrix?," RJ asked Ste. "Its some english movie man," Ste answered.
"We will ask Kajal to write the program for us, what say?," Ste said to RJ.
"Done ,bro," RJ replied back.

On their way to Kajal's house they were discussing about their principal.
"Poor girl Richa," Ste said to his friend.
"Yes,yes, indeed poor and hey look at that chick naaaa," RJ's eyes spotted a girl of 20 who was standing with her grandfather.

"Abey ,she smiled at me reee ,see her dimples naaa ," RJ was excited. "Damn,chup kar,"Ste asked RJ to shut his mouth.

As they entered Kajals house ,their eyes grabbed the attention of a poster which was stuck at her gate. The poster contained the image of a person whom they found interesting. He wore a mask which looked almost like the head of a cock, complete with a crown on top. He wore a purple skin tight suit and a polka dotted boxers with the words “Stephany innerwears” written in blazing red atop his pants. His long boots had scales like the skin of a snake.

Below that some thing was written and Ste and RJ laughed at the line."StepMAN..Superheroes kaa baap," RJ could not stop laughing."Yeah StepMAN is grandfather of Superman and Spiderman and father of Batman," Ste said and they both laughed....

RJ entered inside and Ste was looking at a board .He was staring at it for a long time. "Chal na bhai ," RJ said and he went inside.

"Oye!!,don't go in brother," he asked him to stop.

RJ had not seen the board "Beware of dogs," but Ste was fully aware of what was written on it.


  1. good one
    beech me thodi slow ho gayi thi

  2. wowww steeeeee...full masala!!
    great job man!!
    hehehe...i m still laughing!!
    mastttt hai ste!!

    finally secret behind princi's posture revealed!! lol...richa here too!! :D
    i loved my part...lollll....internet at 6 n gmail id at 7...hehe....usse bhi jaldi bana lia tha re!! :P
    RJ ki ringtone to mast hai!!
    lol at matrix ...movie..hehe!
    n we have StepMAN too!!

    wow!! :D

  3. prii commented on everything that made me smile as well.. so take my comment as an addition to prii's :D

    and yeah I love dogs,
    dogs is a faithful animal,
    dog is man's best friend... :P

    aao aao..hhuuhahahhahaah...

    ab maza aayega :D

  4. join the club ste!
    even i used to think matrix is a moive in my comp class
    i thought i was the only fool here..lol!

    hilarious...gr8 job!

  5. I'm still laughing!
    I'm dyin to know what happens next

  6. hehe..Rj bhayya here.. :P

    Man.. That was fun all the way.....

    ( A private message to Sandeep ji- I have no part in introducing richa here.... It u feel like killing someone.. Find Ste..!! hehe :P )

    I liked the way they meet in the park.. hehe. the boogey man mask..

    All the points which Priyanka mentioned... big lol on tat..

    And Kajal.. What kind of posters u stick on ur gate ya?? :D

    Now.. for the drama with the dog... hehe.. SOunds fun..

    Gr8 work bro... u sound like a seasoned humour writer.. !! :)

    @Chirag - Sometimes na.. while trying to take the story forward, it takes a small beating on the humour part... happens.. :)

  7. Kajal ....i didn't knew that u were my big fan....u now bring tears on my eyes.....i am getting emotional kajal.....how cud u stick my poster at ur great .......*cries loud* .....

    Nice work Ste...especially i loved the priyanka scene chatting with Ashrita on her laptop :p and her daddy finds it and scolds her in punjabi and lets see what RJ does for the next part ....his experiment with kajals doggie....

    guys and girls from Lounge....

    Any help...just ask me ..i will be there in few seconds time..

    Recently I have launched sms service..

    SMS HELP SMAN to 03533
    and i will be there in few minutes time to help you .......

  8. sorry its not great ...even StepMAN makes typos erros ...its gate

    *****Kajal ....i didn't knew that u were my big fan....u now bring tears on my eyes.....i am getting emotional kajal.....how cud u stick my poster at ur gate .......*cries loud* .. ;-) :-p

  9. I can write it in a bond paper that the above comment was written by Ste..!! hehehe.. :P

  10. omg ....wowww superhero StepMAN read our series arjun

    such a honour for us man ;-p

  11. Hahaha OMG... I am so lucky I got to read all the 6 parts together. It is complete masala! And omg my leg is fractured :( Everyone has a great part, especially mr.Balan :D

    Dying to know what happens next!

  12. A perfect blend of humour with a story.
    Read all six parts together and felt as if reading some “international best seller”

    And seconding Arjun, you really sound like a seasonal humour writer!

    Keep up! Waiting for the next blogisode

    i would like to join students .. :P

  13. grrrrrr....Ashrita...Ste always makes sure that i have a great part...cant help...i can only return the favour to him by elevating his status to that of a superhero ;-)

    ste ke bacche!! yeh richa kahaan se aa jaati hain hamesha...my imaginary gf now pops up in every lil story....break up karaa yaar iss imaginary gf se....change change! new names n new gf's shud come in ;-)

  14. hahahahaha ste...iu made me laugh lyk hell...n yes i wodered what wsmatrix myslf.....i m waiting fr the dogs let loose on u guys...wld be fun...

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. ROTFWL!!!!!


    Sandeep Balan and Richa jeee!!!! Princi having affair??? Buddha ghoda aur laal lagaam???

    Can't stop laughing!!
    And can't wait for the next one!!!

    Arjun and Ste, u guyz totally rock!!!

    Keep up the good work...


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