February 15, 2009

Conquering A Fear

once again today,
it was the d-day,
hoping against hope,
keeping worries at bay,
i looked you in the eye,
while you searched for fear there.

once again today,
i waited for you to come,
hoping against hope,
that with victory i can elope,
i can forget failure in peace,
bring you down to your knees.

once again today,
it would've gone as planned,
i would have left with pride,
and my soul would have danced,
but you ditched me ruthlessly,
expecting me in tears, without glee,

once again today,
you left me in pain,
but in that pain i thrive,
through that anguish i'll survive.
you wont control me like you did,
once from you, i had always hid,
now i will not let you hold me,
i will conquer you, just wait and see.

Leo and Pink Orchid


Time to Rhyme


  1. wow!
    leo and pink: u guys r great

    pull strings of the heart with ur poems!

    i loved all the other poems in that blog

    great going!

  2. Gr8 going, you two.
    Will visit ur joint blog pretty soon.
    Is crossposting still allowed in wl?

  3. :) nice question riversoul!

    :D great work!

  4. @Sid: hey reposting has been kept for weekends and on weekdays there will be exclusive posts.. :) please refer to the latest announcements.. heheheehehe
    and thank you soooooooo much for liking the poem sid, your motivation means a lot... :)

  5. @Insiya: answered the question.. and thank you for loving our work :D

  6. That was an awesome combo
    Bless u both :)

  7. i liked the way this poem went .. the last lines were inspiring...

  8. Great guys..!!

    I just loved this one....

    Loved the last lines the most.. :) :)


  9. I loved the rhyming of this poem

    great work by you two people

    Even I have plans to write a joint poem..i will write once I find StepGIRL

  10. wow guys...dats at v call perfect jugalbandi...

  11. @Prats: thank you.. :) the last lines come from the inspirer himself..

  12. @stepMAN: I find you a stepGIRL what say..? or a stepWOMAN? :)But you look so happy single.. :) commitment are not for you.. the world needs your 100% attention.. you are our savior.:D

  13. that was gr8 guys... really nice one.. :)


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