January 17, 2009

Your Wait is Over! ...A Reply

This is just a reply to Rashi's poem "Awaiting An Answer......! No motives here! Just a plain old reply.... :)

Love was a Chimera,
A Dream for me,
I never ever knew,
How it would feel?

And then one day,
You came into my life,
Everthing changed,
With a blinding flash of light!
You brought me comfort,
You brought me joy,
I felt as if,
I was flying in the sky!

You reached deep down,
And brought out the real me,
I couldn't even express,
How much you mean to me?
My love for you is eternal,
Even though I disguise it,
My heart would beat for you,
Even when I am dying!
I may never say it,
But you are the one for me,
Can't you read my eyes?
The heartfelt love plea!

I wish to have you,
As my love forever,
Its just that I can't express,
How I long your sweet caress!
If it was me who decided fate,
If it was really as easy as this
Would make you mine for eternity,
Would seal our bond with a kiss!


  1. Ah !! wish the last lines were said to me.. i would never leave that guy ... !!! so sweet reply maverick !! ur magic works again ..

  2. i feel the same maverick...i would nevr leave the guy who said this to me...its amazing...

  3. sensational... a happy reply from u! :) well done...

  4. @ Leo
    Thx Bro! :)

    @ Shweta & Prats
    All is not lost! Don't lose hope!
    I could say that to u nytime! :P
    jst kiddin! :)

  5. ha ha !!! i meant saying in person .. ;) i might think about you once we meet :P

  6. I'd want someone to say all this to me...

    Aww, it leaves you with a mushy feeling...

  7. Yeah I meant da same thng, too! U temme wen do we meet so dat I set ur thinkin gears into motion! :P :P

  8. Well, all gals seem to thnk alike! dat sumone shld say dis to dem!
    Lemme let u gals in on a secret! I said dis to a gal once nd guess wat, It didnt work! :(

  9. awww... wats wd dat gal ?? or were u flirting ??

  10. Excuse me girls... I think those words were meant for me.. :P Even though some1 mentions that there were no intentions..I can hope right :D

    Maverick, can you gimme that girl's number..You see I am going to be a psychologist...I will charge her no fees...I really want to know what is wrong with her! :D It was brilliant..Amazing *sigh*

  11. @Maverick: all i wanted to say has already been said...
    my simple "good one" wont be noticed..i know :(

  12. @ Prats
    Bangalore, nytime! U mak upp ur mind! nd ill b der! :P
    As far as flirting goes am a person who values commitment! So no flirting for me! :)

  13. @ Rashi
    Well dat part about no intentions was a partial lie I should say! :P
    Am nt famaliar wid evryone's life arnd here nd since am new didnt want to hurt ny emotions!
    Ur Poem was so wonderful dat dis came as an automatic response! Ur hopes r da same as mine! :)
    That girl's a page turned over for me! so lets leave it at dat! Thx for ur compliments! :)

  14. @ Kajal
    Ur comments howeva small dey may be, will always be valued and cherished! so dnt be sad! remember u said frnds foreva! :)
    Thx for da compliments!

  15. @Mav: ya I said "friends forever"..so my "simple comment" also rocks right??? ye ye ye ye .... :D

  16. sure it does! ur comment
    \m/ rocks \m/! nd rocks hard! :)

  17. beautiful reply and i loved the lines

    last 3 or 4 stanzas were noteworthy ,....guess i get to learn from u guys :)

  18. But you are the one for me,
    Can't you read my eyes?
    The heartfelt love plea!



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