January 17, 2009

I love you..

Why my dear?
why do you love me?
Why not my dear,
i wonder loudly!!

I give you
only tears!!
but with you
nothing i fear!!

I stay so far away,
rarely there for you,
but its your cares
that keep me loving you

I am so busy with work
that you are not missed
but you are so honest
should i not love this?

I love you lots
i might never tell again
you said it even once,
this took away all my pains.

This is a conversation between a guy and a girl.. The lines in italics are from girl.hope it makes more sense now :)


  1. prats no wonder vinay call u the poet queen of our lounge...amazing sweets...

  2. cute one prats... you are on with cuteness...today the lounge is all happy happy with all cheerful writeups.. like how leo said.. "ah what a day!! " :D

  3. gud write, Prats!
    Kajal's right! everyone's posting happy poems except me! :(

  4. you ppl are so kind to me re... thanks tweety ..

  5. pratsie is the queen...yes indeed...

    what an innovative way to make a love poem...! :)

    nice replies from the gal... i never hear such replies from mine...! :)

  6. *Hugs* If just men could VERBALISE what they felt like this, life would have been so much easier... I know men have feelings just say it at times!!!

  7. ohh..lovely lovely!!
    ur poems r alwys so touching n as i told u once 'so much like me' too !! :)

  8. touching one and too good.....yes we can see it



  9. thanks pink !! even m so happy to write smthing so goodie good !! :D

  10. yes yes! makes perfect sense to me sweet!!!

  11. ya Akansha .. true love .. and thats not just romantic .. its a friend's thing more likely :)

  12. @ Leo : the gal wrote these replies coz she heard the exact words from a guy :)

  13. My pleasure priyanka if you adore my writes so !!

  14. thanks Ste !! and Asbah ,, you two have been my inspiration ever on this WL !


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