January 13, 2009

Writers' Lounge

Please tell me if its stupid..I'll take it down... Just a dumb inspiration early in the morning!

We read. We write. We lounge.

We comment. We understand.

We laugh. We cry. We share.

All together. We inspire each other.

We read. We write. We lounge.

We rock. We shock.

We like. We love. We hate.

All together . We are friends.

We read. We write. We lounge.

We fight. We argue. We bicker.

All together. We are the Writers’ Lounge.


  1. wah wah..!!

    hehe it was really good.. :)

    until date, there's been no -"we hate" i suppose.. ;)

    nice gesture for this blog Rashi..!!


  2. rashi rocks!! :D

    we should make a new header and get this in all in that header soon...

    then it would be never forgotten as the time goes and new posts come in...!

    what say friends?? is that idea good??

  3. gr8 work rashi

    i am new to the writer's lounge and honestly speaking ur worrds cldnt describe it better...its the same mixture of feelings that u experience bng a part of the writer's lounge...its an honour to be able to express oneself at such a beautiful place

    kudos guys...

  4. its wonderful..kinda anthem !!! dare you remove it !

  5. rashi u gave the lounge a tag and now an anthem....

    hey we can take this as our lounge anthem...how dare u call it stupid haan ....

    our lounge anthem :p

  6. Yay! People actually like it! :D

    Heart to Mind: TOLD YOU SO! does a little jig!

  7. waah..nice..u are trying to do a branding exercise :P (m talking like and mba now..lol)
    this is nicely presented

  8. This reminds of that Nokia ad by Priyanka Chopra... but I love the lyrics... You're not taking it down, no way!

  9. i so agree with everyone here... dont bring that down...
    its how the lounge is...couldnt hv been a better description... :)
    love you for writing this :)

  10. *joins rashi in her jig*

    too cool....happy to be back n to read this piece...u made my day...our baby has grown ;-)

  11. sweet anthem we got

    commendable job rashi!


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