January 16, 2009

In my search for you

Under the twilight, beyond the sun’s rays
In this world there’s not left a place.
Across the bridge and over the mountain,
I’ve looked for you, but all in vain.

“Oh bird! Fly in the sky and look for him,
At dawn or dusk, even if the light’s dim”
Thus, I requested a fluttering sparrow,
To fly and search for you, high and low.

“Oh moon! Shine down to wherever he is
Urge him to return, could you do that please?”
The shimmering moon and the glittery stars,
Promised to search, even if you’re on mars.

“Oh spring! Along your journey from hills to sea,
If he gulped you down his throat, notify me”
Thus, gushed from the earth the mountain spring,
But any message from you, it failed to bring.

“Oh rain! Dry my tear, form a cloud,fall on his cheek.
Rain in deserts too for his whereabouts I can seek.
I asked the rainbow, the clouds and the fountain,
“Will he be receiving the same splattering rain?”

“Oh breeze! Transcending lands beyond I can see
Pervasive that you are, now listen to my plea--
Blow over to where he is, spread the same fragrance
Tell him I’m waiting to caress his hair so dense.”

Beneath the deepest trench, beyond the farthest land,
In the ice or the forests or under the rocks or sand.
I’ll keep searching for you, and will never lose hope.
Nature joined in my search for you, so there’s scope.

Are you at the other end of the world?


  1. This is absolutely awesome. Loved the theme. Loved the pics too

  2. Superbly detailed poem! richly painted scenes of nature make ur search even more alluring! luvd it, Aparna! Keep up da gud wrk! :)

  3. @Aparna: the day he reads this, there will be no more searching around for him.

  4. i second kajal...
    its very nice aparna... even the pic is magnificent! :D

  5. @ all ...this is my first poem
    i'm glad u liked it

  6. @ pink orchid... hopefully he does read this, and will come back to me

    and abt the picture... i did some digital mixing so it could be colourful


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