January 14, 2009

Why Me?????

Every passing moment reminds me of my fear,
The memories have passed with every drop of tear,
I am losing myself with time,
I must have committed a heinous crime.

I asked God what was my fault,
Why is happiness so had to find,
I am still waiting for my answer,
Till then the life is in the tunes of misery dancer.

Love resembles the beauty of life,
But I wonder today if it could ever revive,
The sadness and emptiness that grips me eyes,
Lost in the darkness I lay out my hand,
Hoping that the gloom would shed with some magic wand.

Ahead I find an empty street,
The familiar faces but still an unknown greet,
The turns of life have left me with no hope,
Hope of filling my eyes again with the love as pure as dove,
And while I sit alone and think,
As to why my life changed in just a wink,
Why did it become I from WE,
Thus I ask you again WHY ME....


  1. That is amazing..and that is life..!! It leaves you speechless sometimes and you really don't know what to do with the agony and all tha pain..you are just left to ask.."WHY ME??"

    Well done!!



  2. lovely post !! so heart touching ...

  3. @ aarthi

    yes thats life...i agree with you.i guess we all at some point f time ask this question to ourself...

  4. Why me? Its simple! Bcas you chose to associate your identity, your life with one person. We tend to give up so much for one person that we lose ourselves. The void still remains! Let the person we love be a source of joy. Always be a couple, a set not a whole joint by the hip!

  5. @rashi

    yes thats true....but is it really possible to control dat???no one does it deliberately....u think dat one person is very imp..he/she defines the meaning of ur life...ur hapines...n ven u alone u thnk vat u did rong....why am i bng punished fr loving some1....

  6. nice choice of words and rythm..

    i cud feel the despartiona nd pain so vividly


  7. @tweety: why me? i am still looking for my answers.. painful lines..

  8. @tweety: why me? i am still looking for my answers.. painful lines..

  9. @aparna

    thanks dear...i am glad u liked it...

  10. @pink(i heard u love this name :P)

    ppplllss do tell me ven u get ur answer...i have nt gone myn still...

  11. beautiful :)

    i loved the lines and rhymes ..superb


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