January 16, 2009

We will meet

Inspired by kajal's previous post I will be waiting

No it's not over
I’ll get back
May be a bit late,
But I’ll open that gate.
I might have ripped your heart and left you here to bleed,
No separation no wall, I promise we will meet.
Don’t ogle those beautiful days
When we cried and laughed on d ways,
Don’t tell me u will go
Coz I can never let ourselves low

How we going to turn something
That’s so slow to have a meaning.
Things do fail but love find a way
Don’t give up until we get away.
Who told u I won't come...
Look at the stars they still hymn that song.
Close your eyes and wait for me,
I’ll fight with half of the world, you’ll see.

You promised didn't you?
Don’t tell me u can't find it true,
Up, up on zenith do they came
Who know they are the no. 1...

Have I gone too deep?
Is this all making u weep...?
Don’t stop and glare at barren road,
I’ll coming running to you.
You know it's true...
No matter what this world do,
You know I will come to you.


  1. good one.. Jack.. I might come up with another one in reply to this.. :)
    such good feeling reading and writing poem like this..
    thank you for writing this..

  2. wow !!! :) this blog really does inspire !!

  3. @ Pink : just posted an inspired write ;)

  4. @kajal
    well you come up with poems which really do touch the most sensitive part of my life that's love, so can't help replying

    well again the reply was staright from the heart :)

  5. @ prat
    you bet, it really does and i am loving it :)

  6. thanks akansha
    i am glad you liked it

  7. kajal dear... lounge lucky to have an inspirer like u! :)

    jack... kudos bro.. nicely penned...! :)

  8. @Leo: i am so happy i am able to do so.... you guys are really creative..

  9. @ leo and aparna
    thank you, well for me your lovely comments are inspirational too :)


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