January 14, 2009

Touch Me

Our lives run at a frantic pace,
we leave by different doors.
It’ll be hours before I see your face,
and we are together once more.

In this hectic rush to madness,
while running all the way,
do you remember if you took,
the time to touch me today?

Did you take the time to hold me close,
or to try and gather me near?
Did you think of our tomorrows,
or make memories that I can hold dear?

In your frenzied obsession to get ahead,
did you try to hear what I had to say?
Did you think about us later in bed,
or to just touch me today?

Did you take the time to say an I love you,
or something else that I would find sweet,
something that wouldn’t go off my mind,
until the next time we meet?

Will you still stay oblivious to me,
assuming that I will always stay,
or will you come to your senses,
and just touch me once today?


  1. nice way of saying what the hell are you doing to me...lols

  2. I have goosebumps all over! Not nice to make me mushy mushy early in the morning :(

    But that just shows how good and how true you were! When the distance is physical, its understandable but when the person is close and yet so far, it hurts,it kills. Love should never take the person in front for granted. Bcas one day, they might just leave :)

    Gr8 work..Now I'll the whole day thinking about this..Not good!

  3. awwweee..
    the sweet little nothings of this thing called love..
    great work :)
    i hv goosebumps as well Rashi....
    i hv a few complaints from the past popping in my head..
    thank you for writing this :)

  4. woah man, how do u just end up writing this...i agree with rashi ven some1 is close to u but still not there with u it hurts to death....gr8 work....

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  6. aditya,

    thats like "wow" man...! super...

  7. i would say this is such a sweet poem

    nice message too...it made me realise to care for people around and forget work and being busy

    keep it up!


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