January 13, 2009

Its Lohri today

The camp fire,
the shining faces,
the smiles and
the delicacies..

I dnt think i ever missed anything as much m missing lohri today... its just so much irritating at times to spend a day normally when you could or you had

celebrated that day with so much fun and frolic otherwise...


Thats why am here now... to wish my second family a very happy lohri!!

lohri di mubarkaan yaaro :)


  1. same to u prats...may all ur problems burn in the fire of lohri...

  2. Wish you were there instead of here?


    Loads of them! may all our problems, vices burn in the fire... Happy Lohri!

  3. Tuhanu vi Lohri diya khoob saari mubarkaan ji!!

    its so wonderful seeing that the festivals have a special place in our lives ,especially after everything getting...mmmm....sooooo materialistic..

  4. Thanks for the wishes Rashi. Same to you ... :)

  5. i understand wat u r trying to say ... thats y i love festivals .. they give me a chance to reach out to ppl :)

  6. cool! have fun!
    we celebrate pongal and we have the same custom

    sadly in these modern times ppl forgot all abt celebration...pongal isnt anything like what it ised to be

    atleast u have fun!

    happy lohri!


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