January 21, 2009

Some Dreams Do Come True

I had a surreal dream last night
in it you were there.
You slit my throat and it felt so right
to see my blood everywhere.

I choked on all my words,
Held out my hands to reach you.
You took two steps backwards,
Your face had a crimson hue

Slowly life was leaving me
and so were you in a way.
I had never before felt so free
and finally everything seemed okay.

Strangely enough I felt no pain,
there was no fear of dying.
Finally I didn’t have to explain
the reasons why I quit trying.

There was an odd look on your face
an expression I had never seen before.
You stabbed me a few times, just in case,
I wouldn’t hold on anymore.

And then I lay there without a breath,
a lifeless worthless thing.
It was the best kind of death,
the kind only love could bring.

When I woke up it made me realize
that this is exactly what you do.
I wiped off the tears in my eyes
because some dreams do come true.


  1. *sigh* the pain in love so vividly shown...gr8 lines specially the last two...very touching...

  2. I dreamt a little dream last night. I dreamt that all that I wanted to. Unrestrained. Uncaring. I saw you crying and weeping. Pleading me not to say those cruel words. Imagine my surprise when I realised I was actually you and you were me.!

  3. What have you done LOver ?? after making me beleive in love, u write this :( !! it just took my breath away !!

  4. exactly it made me sad.. :(

  5. Am stunned! Such vivid description of the brutal death of love! Am scared of it now! :(
    But your work was commendable, words which tore at my heart! Heart rending effort!

  6. Lover's varied emotions ...this one's sad though ...Agree with prats on this one ....

  7. varied emotions as in love...
    i am averse to blood, so just felt a bit sick at the picture.

    words were magnificent as usual adi...


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