January 18, 2009

A Starry Romance...

As I lay, upon the sands, of the river bank,
I gazed, at the stars-a-million above,
I wondered, what stories they would tell me,
If they could come dawn and talk to me.

As I lay, upon the sands, of the river bank,
A light, I saw, come down from the sky.
A little star fell down, just by my side,
It turned into an angel, smiling at me.
She said, she had come down to see
And woo the one she loved so much.

To pass the night, she told me this story.

I have never seen him, yet I am in love,
He is the one; we all talk about so much,
When we twinkle in the night sky above,

He brightens the sky, from morning till night,
He is so radiant, so powerful and bright,
He spreads the warmth, and shows the light,
As he shines down, with awe from that height,
Yet as we appear, he turns on us his back,
And goes away to the west, like something we lack,
We wish we could go after him always,
But we cannot move, just adore him from one place.

But tonight, I heard your wish from afar,
I came down from the sky, him once just to see,
For we stars, have only the dull white moon,
As we wink at the sun, to keep us company.

She shed a tear, and looked at me sad,
As she told me her romance full of grief,
She wanted to be with the sun betrothed.

I smiled at her, and told her this,
He shall go away, never him can you kiss,
For when you show the way at night,
He is there somewhere else during day,
He is indeed so bright, that when he appears,
Your light is gone; you will just have to disappear,
So be happy, and don’t feel so amiss.

You may feel, the moon is dull and white,
But his power is only shown in black night,
When none can see, the dark road ahead,
He just shows the way for all to see.
So my dear star, go back to the sky,
Marry the moon, and don’t ever cry.

She gave me a kiss so warm, and flew back up again,
I see her when I see the sky, by the moon’s side,
Just winking at me with joy, with no more pain.


  1. such beautifully innovative thought Leo!!

  2. u reminded me of my poem "cosmic love' !! wonderfully written...

  3. Sweet poem, Leo! A fantasy so dear, I saw it all happening in my mind! wonderful write! :)


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