January 21, 2009

Fading memories

Abode of love,my heart...
is now hostage to pain
It cries for its lost...
the feelings spent for waste
I proudly held onto my love...
though it was never meant to stay
with every tear and stab of guilt...
i force the memories to fade away!!


  1. the irony is that forcing it to fade will make the memories strong.. when you fight with the memories they fight back..replace the memories with something and see how it vanished...

    i could relate to the lines so this thought crossed my mind..
    write something happy prats, make me smile..
    First Lover's poem and this.. i am all sad now.. :(

  2. I agree what you say girl... its just that i wrote it for a prompt... did not mean to be so sad,,, will try smthing cheerful soon :)

  3. prats hw do u right such wonderful short poems....so small in words yet so powerful in their meanings....i am overwhelmed...great work prats

  4. thnaks forever tweety !

  5. try as i do, some memories cannot be forced away...!


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