January 2, 2009

Sandeep Malan series - new edited version - part 7

As soon as she spotted Shakuntala ,Richa tried to escape.She didn't want to conceal her identity to her.She soon covered her face with her duppata.But Shakuntala could see her eyes."Why has she covered her face?"she asked Sandeep gently.Sandeep didn't want to say anything about Richa,but Mrs Shakuntala wanted the rat to spill the bean."She has got pimples on her face," he indicated that Richa was infected with some dangerous virus."Its called Pink Pimple Virus (PPV)," he added.Shakuntala refused to accept this fact at first as people normally have pimples.At early 20's ,its quite usual that youngsters tend to get pimple,acne etc."I accept aunty jii,but if she looks at some one then even they get infected with the pimple thing,"he said to her with a straight face.Shakunta aunty got tensed for once and she soon left for the kitchen.When she closed the door he was laughing like crazy.He could not stop his laughter.He was giggling all through out. "hehe Virus,pimple virus ,pink pimple virus," he laughed like anything.He was happy with this art of blabbering things.Now ,too much of laughing some times leads to peril.Now,he got excited. Some chatters often use a term "ROFLMAO" which indicates extreme laughter in laymans term.Now Sandeep was literally rolling on floor."Pink Pimple,hehehe," echoed as he laughed.He soon clashed the refrigerator and the front handle of the fridge kissed his left elbow.Now,he was crying in pain."Police,Police," he screamed instead of calling an ambulance.
"Amma,Amma," he screeched in pain.Now he was rolling in pain.Mr.Ramana,his 71 year old neighbour soon rushed him to a near by hospital.

He was screaming in pain.As he was taken to the reception,his perverted eyes soon spotted few nurses and receptionist.Now all the pains had vanished.It was not a treatment ,but this was Sandeep Malan for every one.He was laid on a stretcher and taken to room number 238.Dr.Neha came to inspect him.
"Whats ur name?," she asked Sandeep.
"Maaalu!!!," he yelled."Shhhh!!," Neha warned him to remain silent."You have to take XRAY,ECG,CT SCAN etc etc," she added.

Sandeep Malan wondered that ECG was for chest related infections.He soon argued with Neha.But he failed in the event.He was forced to take all the required tests.Finally,the doctor came with the result.

Sandeep was staring at her eyes.Now no one would stop him from looking at her."Your left hand is fractured," she said."Oh Allah!!," he shouted instead of crying.
"Chill up Malu!," she said with a smile that took him to dreams.She further asked him not to worry.Now,he was dancing with Neha in his dreams."Sandeep,konja kitta vaaaaa,sandeep peyar rai sonna ki(Sandeep come with me ,and say my name),"Neha was singing this song in his dreams.

"Yeh toh bataa ,dekhta hai tu kahaan," his cell phone rang.Asbah had called him .He asked her to inform every one that Sandeep Malan has gone to Goa for a tour and he cut the phone...

"Kabab mein haddi," he address his best friend.

"Yeh toh bata ,dekhta hai tu kahaan,"his phone rang once again.This time it was Supari Bhai.His spine shivered.His eyes became moist.It was about to shed tears.
"Haan Bhai(yes bhai)," his voice faltered."Abhey saale,apun ka paisa kabh de raha hai, haddi pasli ek kar dunga (When are you returning my money back,I will break your bones),"the bhai said with anger on his voice and he soon cut the phone.Sandeep asked him to extend the deadline by another 3 months and Supari bhai agreed to the concord.

Sandeep was over joyed with this news.He returned back to his dreams dancing with Dr.Neha.
He was staring at the yellow painted walls.After Supari bhai's call he started relating few things.It reminded him of the rainy day where he was expected to meet his girlfriend Richa.

"Yellow ,Yellow, Supari is a dirty fellow," he started singing


  1. Haha..hehe.. Sandeep,Sandeep..funny fellow... Lolz..


  2. oyee ste..part 7 edited?? ismein to richa teri najayaz beti bani thi na???
    wah beta..edit kar dia! :P


    i will also write..huh..mujhe mana kar rha tha na malan series likhne ko...
    malan tera char hai to supari mera hai ..huh... :P
    if u cn use mine..den i cn use urs...dekh ab tu :D

  3. malan is a flirt... big flirt... loose character.. koi ladkiyon ko warn karo...!!

  4. hehe..
    Asusally funny... Good one buddy..
    Eagerly waiting for updates on the Malan series.... ;)



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