January 2, 2009

Complicated.... (Contd.)

(This is in continuation to Mona's Post)
After a few years of moving on:

Life's worth it, I thought
I had to fight, and so I fought.
I reached there, where I am now
And I will move on, and stop not.

My fate was ill, but I stood still
I went back and won that hill,
I kept moving, even in the dark,
Holding on to a ray; and I reached the spark.
I moved on, with a desire in heart,
The world pulled me, but I acted smart.
I loved and I kissed, even when my world was inundated
It feels so easy now, as if life was never complicated.


  1. Guys, I owe no credit for the above post. Its only that I got induced by the poem posted earlier by Mona ... she is responsible for the above and you can blame her if you want to ...

    @ Mona,
    I will be very eagerly waiting for your comments on this ... Let me know...

  2. Life gives us a zillion reasons to be low and give up hope but just one reason to go on--- That you are alive...

    Tan, she inspired you and you wrote it right? So we can still blame you and praise her :)

  3. it explains hw to go ahead in life aftr difficulties....

    i loved ...a lesson it is.......

    "I kept moving, even in the dark,
    Holding on to a ray; and I reached the spark."

    brings hope nd confidence.....

    bhaiyya ur g8

    thnx mona for the complicated post nd thnx tan for inpirational post aftr complications....

    *hugs to both tan and mona*

  4. I will definitely love to echo these thoughts after i reach my dream ... as much i was inspired by mona's poem, i am equally inspired by this !!! thanks TAN !!! love your writes !!

  5. @ tan..

    amazing tan... the transition was amazing.... now i know why they say that there are two sides to everything.. i was the negative, you the positive!! thanks for writing this one tan... shows that hope still exists in the world!!

    coming to my poem.. it was an attempt to portray how depression can suck out everything from your life, but still hope remains... that's why only one last line of optimism to give the right impact...

    coming to yours... " my fate was ill... reached the spark".. these four lines speak volumes..filled with optimism and beautifully written... i love the rhyme, its just natural...

    and lastly... you must take credit for your work.. as much as i feel honored that i could inspire someone to write, the thoughts were still yours... so you take the credit... and the blame too..lol... keep writing.. cheers!!!

  6. @ tan again... you are free to link this up to my post... but its a post in its own right.. you decide... and once again, i loved the poem...!! cheers!!

  7. Thanks Mona, for your comments ... I'm happy that you guys liked it ...

    I really felt that I should write on your Poem, as by nature, I do not like an Unhappy Ending to anything ... Life has been good to me, with whatever it has given me - hence, why not love life the same way?

    Hehehe ... Keep writing guys, or you have it from me ... lol!

  8. @ Pretty me ...

    It was great to see you thanking me ... hehehehe ... credit goes to Mona here ... and both of us say: Welcome!

  9. @ STEPHEN:

    Thanks for the hug dude ... I like your warmth! lol!!

    My wife should not read this


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