January 2, 2009

The Continued Dream..

(related to The Dream)
I wore the same white dress. But, this time, I was smiling. I did not have to hear those five words, "Shane, I'm done with you!" I was sliding my fingers through the water. I wasn't waiting for him, either. I was at peace with myself. Loved the company of the waters, the petals, the wind and the aroma. Yet again, he came! He had a remorseful expression, as if regretting something. He came near me, held my hands, and whispered, "Shane, I want you back!" I shook my head, stepped back and ran. I ran as fast as I could. When, finally I was happy, why did he suddenly realize my worth?? Where was his girl now?? The one for whom he cheated on me!! Where was she now?? No!! I will never be back...never!! You said that I wasn't good enough. Fine, then! Be happy with the better one. Remember I prayed for a better music for your life?? I was proud of you..of our relationship...But I never really thought that you would use my tune to sing a song for her!!

You deserve every bit of it! Weren't you happy with her?? What happened?? She found another "perfect" soul for her?? You very well know that you'll still be the only one for me..maybe that's why you dared to stand up to me and ask me to be back!! William, I too have feelings. You cannot keep walking past them..you cannot keep ignoring them...I cannot let you hurt me again and again! If there's only one thing I'm sorry about is that I gave you my heart worth breaking!!

"What happened?? Are you still thinking??"
"Yeah! William...I'm still thinking."
"I'm thinking about what an ass**** you are! Go, find a girl to fill your bed..Be happy!"
"But..Shane...I said I'm sorry...I made a mistake."
"Then..I'm sorry too..I'm making a mistake now!! Forget about us, William!!"
"Shane...please...wait...remember..you are my chocolate mousse...those five words you loved??"
"William, today, even I have five words for you. Are we having fun yet??"

And she brushed past him with bloodshot eyes to drown him in his own guilt!


  1. I doubt he will be guilty and if he is then it is going to be worse. I have been there (and maybe still am) at the place where you cant leave bcas he didnt mean to hurt you and want to leave bcas this place doesnt feel right anymore! Guilt sucks!

    Now that Im done ranting...

    :) I hope Shane truly moves on and is able to find the courage to go on lunch with William! :D I hope she does and I do too :)

  2. Was this a dream? If it was, I wished you should have been sleeping for a longer time!

    And the last line? Was it necessary to tell it in third person? I think you were talking about yourself throughout - Fiiiiiiiirst personnnnnnnn???

    And one Question:

    Which came first: The Writeup or the Picture?

    If the Writeup came before the picture, then you are too lucky to get such a picture.

    If the Picture came first, then you have a pretty good imagination and vision!

    Well done, keep writing ...

    HNY 2009!

  3. @ Rashi
    Guilt sucks!! True...and even I hope that Shane moves on and doesn't keep hanging on to him, for, he wasn't true!!

    @ Tan
    Hmm..The italic part was the dream...the conversation was real!
    And I wrote the last line in the third person...I don't know why...
    The picture came before the write-up!
    Thanks for that compliment!

    HNY :)

  4. i read the first part ... it was nice .. but some where i wanted a bit more out of it ... and thanks !!! you did a wonder !!! this one was just perfect .. not the way you wrote but also what you wrote !!

  5. Well, I guessed so and thats why I felt the imagination around the picture! Nice one ...

    And HNY ;)


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