January 16, 2009


First rays of the sun touched her face,
She looked so beautiful even when asleep,
I moved the curls of hair off her eyes,
The moment almost seemed divine to me!

The nightmare woke me up with a start,
Drenched wet with perspiration,
The events unfolding that night,
Were as clear in my memory even today!

I remember the phone call that I got,
which brought the dreaded news,
I remember rushing to the hospital,
To find you amidst a cluster of tubes!

I remember the doctors telling me,
That; there were no hopes,
My dreams came crashing down to earth,
As if life had just come to an abrupt close!

I remember myself holding your hand tight,
In those final moments; pleading with god,
I sat there even when it was over,
Knowing that you couldn't just leave me and go!

I remember myself becoming hostile and disconcerted,
No amount of consolation making me normal and sane,
I still break down beside your grave,
Knowing that there would be no one ever again!

I still feel your warm touch sometimes,
When I am all alone,
I look back hoping against hope to find you,
Only to find walls as cold as stone!

This void created within me, when you left,
Is infinite and can't be filled,
This deep dark abyss drives me insane,
All my desires brutally killed!

I roam around these ruins,which once were my perfect life,
I wish so hard to end this trauma, this maddening strife,
I stand atop this precipice, hoping this will end the pain,
I hope to be with you once more, in death I see my gain!


  1. omg! what an entry.. beautiful lines.. i dont know about you learning from the lounge..i will end up learning a lot from you..
    dont let anything stop you..let skies be the limit.. :D

  2. a well written post !! liked the flow ... :)

  3. @ tpo
    Thank you so much! counts a lot towards inspiring me!

    @ PM
    TY! :)

  4. beutiful lines bro
    a good debut post in lounge

  5. oh that was sad... But very sweet in a way... :)
    Very well written.. Very nice flow...
    Keep Posting..!!


  6. @ ste
    TY! :)

    @ Arjun
    Thanks for ur comments! :)

  7. you have joined the ranks of top poets in the lounge

    wonderful choice of words...and perfect rythm

    i could imagine the plot as it unfolded..u r sooo vivid at description

    one of lounge's masterpieces

  8. @ Aparna
    wow! So much of appreciation dat it has me choked! Thank you for bestowing my work wid praise and findin it worthy of mention alongside the greats! :)

  9. I am gonna reply to this too... :)

    Loved the way you expressed your feelings..Losing someone isnt easy but then what can you do?

  10. Thanks for ur comments Rashi!
    U cannot do nythng about losing someone but letting dem go is da hardest part! Dey may disappear frm ur life bt dey linger forever in ur memories! :)


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