January 16, 2009

I promise I will be back ,as soon as possible....

You have been a great inspiration for me.
At times I struggled ,you were the one who supported me.
When all were against me,it was you who was on my side.
When I cried ,you were the only one who soothed me.
I was looking for help and it was you who stood by me.
You always thanked me ,but I owe all my credits to you.
You were annoyed when I spoke against our loved ones.
You have been a friend,guide and a philosopher.
your suggestions always helped me.
A peice of advice was all that I required from you.
I hurted you, made you cry and even sad.
Even then you called me a best friend.
You always want me to be first in life.
You got angry when I wasted my time.
It were you who changed my life.
My life would be incomplete without you.
You scolded me when I was naughty at times.
You helped me,when I was tired.
You accompanied me when I nervous.
It was on your shoulders that I relied much.
I trusted you and you trusted me.
But now everything is gone,
Every one is against me.
But I don't care ,but I do wait only for you.
I am going ,
I am going forever.
Thank you for all that you have done for me.
Thank you for considering me as a best friend.
Kill me,hurt me ,leave me.
But do remember me,
for I remember you as a person who changed my life.
I am going,far and away,
but will back soon.
Do remember me for the rest of your life.
Only thing I can say you now ,
Keep waiting,
I promise I will be back ,as soon as possible.


  1. Heart touching write, ste! Da array of emotions displayed is breathtaking and the details to which u have portrayed da dependence dat one has on his trusted soulmate is wonderful! Cheers! :)

  2. @Ste: simply beautiful..but now these lines have inspired poetry in me... will come with a reply to it .. in a couple of hours..
    thank you for these lines and an inspiration :)

  3. ty maverick

    this is one of my oldest poem that i wrte in july august.....never had time for poems ...

  4. @ Kajal
    U guys do hav a high amount of effeciency! To churn out poems at dis amazing rate is too kewlll! :)

  5. @Maverick: wait for a couple of hours.. i am sure you will have contribute faster than us,, :D

  6. The way u described the emotions.. Really good...
    U r damn good with poems....

    And there's a whole new bunch of awesome poets in this lounge... I feel I'm the odd one here... Our lounge simply rocks.. (though i've already said this a hundred times)


  7. give a break !! from saying that u suck at poems ..n in the poem too ;) !! i find it hard to read such long post at a stretch !! nice one though

  8. nice one ste
    u should be modest that u call urself u suck in poetry

    you should write more such poems and bless us by posting them

  9. Will wait as long as it takes
    For you are my friend, my mate
    Be back soon please,
    For being with me is your fate :D

  10. Ste, if you are bad at poetry, then I'll have to invent a whole new word to describe my 'talent'...

    This is your third post I am reading today... and two of them are poems!

  11. yeah... akansha hit the right idea...! :)

    see i told u ste would have fans of poetry! :)

  12. ste a heart touching poem...i wld say this to every frnd of mine....god bless u...it really touched my heart deep


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