January 16, 2009

Introduction! :)

Hi guys,
Just wanted to have a quick introduction round. Been writing for the past year and half now! Its a getaway for me from the mundane chores of life, a liberation from the run of the mill things dat life is full of!
Am sincerely honoured to be able to share my work with you guys and am in awe of the talent present in abundance out here! Hoping to learn a lot from you guys! So here hoping that you lend your worthy attention to my work and leave me pointers so that I can strive towards improvement!
Thank You! :)


  1. welcome to the lounge brother....nw ur a part of our talent hub....happy to +have u as a part of lounge

  2. @Maverick: i am sure you will have wonderful time here... here you will get more than just readers for your work and about that you will explore soon ...
    and we here at the lounge love to read , write, comment, express, share...
    and now you are a part of "us" so all this is expected of you..
    enjoy your stay here... :P
    here is the self- appointed receptionist of the lounge..:P
    now ste is gonna kill me..:D

  3. oops i forgot to introduce myself.
    i am pink aka pink orchid aka Kajal .. i am the whacko blogger... you will always find me around..
    all my wishes for a happy writing and amazing reading to you..:)

  4. my intro

    i am ste aka the solitary writer or TSW

    co founder of this lounge

    and an engineering student from mumbai

  5. lol.. i'd want to call myself something which makes my bond with the lounge sound more stronger.. so i chose to be the receptionist aka front desk assistant.. :P

  6. @ ste
    Thanks for da welcome bro!

    @ Kajal
    It feels gr8 to hav such a heart warming welcome! felt kinda intimidating at first to actually go ahead nd talk wid ppl who are lightyears ahead of me in terms of talent! Bt u hav gone a long way in makin me feel comfy! U hav ma word dat ur expectations about my commitment towards dis lounge will b met at all costs! :)

  7. hey cool Ste! Me an engineering Grad too! Currently wrkin wid Patni Comp Systems as Sftware engg! Hate da job bt appreciate the pay! so stickin on fr now! :P

  8. @Maverick: i am glad i was able to do all of that.. if at all i did.. :P

  9. welcomr From Pretty Prats !! call me pretty or prats but not rats ;) !!

  10. hahaha lol

    rats :p

    yes bro me too an engg and most of us here r engg

    i am in final yr comps and recruited by techmahindra

  11. @ Prats
    Thanks for da welcome! will keep in mind about nt messing up your name! :P

    @ ste
    wow, seems lik da whole of India is jst crawlin wid enggs! u bump into one almost everywhere! :P

  12. Hi bro..!! Welcome here... :)

    And guess what? me to an engg.. from B'lore though...

    Yeah, they say- if u throw a stone in India, it either hits a street dog or an engineer.. lolz ;)

    Enjoy WL


  13. Agree wid dat , Arjun! :)
    From my experience until nw I can safely say dat dis lounge is gonna b my addiction! :)

  14. hii welcome to the lounge maverick

    that was a grand intro man!

    myself aparna

    i am not an engineer though

    or a street dog :P

  15. @ Aparna
    Thanks fr the welcome nd thx for ur compliments abt da introduction!
    Nd believe me no one is happier dan me wen i find sumone who proudly says dat he isnt an engineer! :P


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