January 16, 2009

Member Of The Month - December 08 - Ste

Well, as you all know, the MoM for the last month of 2008, was Stephen , the Solitary Writer ...

Its a bit delayed, but I present the badge for the winner now. Congratulations Ste. 

And the badge...! :)

Badge by: RiverSoul. 

Thank you and please continue voting for MoM-January 09. Cheers folks! :)


  1. nice badge !! cool job riversoul :D

  2. nice badge sid...ut looks really grand...the owners will be really proud of it

    congrats ste!

    y isn't ste on the polls this month

  3. ste is taking a voluntary break from this month's poll aparna...! :)

    and u r welcome for the badge ste... u deserve it! :)

  4. Thanks for the praise, pretty, and aparna
    That badge is one of the benefits of lots and lots of hours i spent exploring the features photoshop has to offer. I'm glad it was worth all that.
    Thank you .

  5. @Ste congratulations.. :)you definitely deserved it..
    @Riversouls: cool badge indeed...
    @Leo: thank you for putting it up...better late than never,,, :)

  6. forgot to appreciate leo..
    thoughful of u to honour ste with the badge


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