January 15, 2009

Patches of dirt

I sit in a dark room pondering,
nursing the brute's wounds.
For once they were close to me,
and now they are far away.
I helped them,loved them,
Alas! they were malefic.
They laughed and jested,
making me a pawn in hand.
Why people are so mean?
I don't know ,but I feel people are mean.
Together we lived,together we shared,
but now its all past.
For once,they were good to me,
but now they have changed forever.
My past were glorious,
But,my present is worse.
Isolation is what I feel now,
for once we cherished life together.
Wash away the dirt,
for I lived with patches of dirt.


  1. I lived with a patch of dirt! :)

    Have you seen Lyrics and Music? I dont know why I can see Hugh Grant's story line here. Living off the glories of the past!

    And dare you say that you are a bad poet... Leo will take time to come to Mumbai and take action but Im here, remember?

    Btw one small mistake, "Pawn" in hand not pun! :)

    (You must hate me by now)

  2. very strong write !! "patches of dirt" .. good if they were patches .. you will clean them soon .. move on .. and shine ike Gold .. or silver or watever u wanna like ;)

  3. Patches of dirt ..intresting title ...well written stephen ...

  4. nice one Ste..!!

    Clean up the dirt n move on...

    And yeah man.. If I'm not wrong, u r as good with poems or even better with poems than stories.. :)


  5. wonderful poem ste!
    simple though it may seem has a lot of meaning

  6. patches of dirt has definitely brought out a lot of meaning.. i got a feeling that I could relate to it.. good work..

  7. patches of dirt...very strong ste...its a gr8 work and u say u r nt a gud poet...dnt u dare say that...i could realte to too many thngs in this poem

  8. It's beautifully written and I hope it's not true...

  9. hallelujah... ste has a lot of fans!! and still he says he sux at poems... what a humor sense...! :)

  10. oh, and regards the poem...

    masterclass ste... deep, and hidden meanings too...! :)

  11. haha i suck at poems lol

    i can say this at any where


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