January 15, 2009

Of rains....

This is inspied by 6s : What can YOU say in six sentences?

"Water that is condensed from the aqueous vapor in the atmosphere and falls to earth in drops more than 1/50 in. (0.5 mm) in diameter",That's how Rain is described in science books.

But then there it doesnt cleans the plants or quench the thirst of dry mud or chase all beings to search a shelter or inspire anyonet to think differently.Science has no explaination for the beauty of peacock,the rhymes of frog,the music of raindrops on rooftops,the nostalgic moments in rain,the joy of being together in rain,the pains of being far way from loved one.

It was raining when we parted,when for the last time i saw your blurred image one last time,touched your wet eyes,kissed your moist lips and had my fill of the love in your eyes.

Wish it was not raining that day,so you could still be alive and not be another victim of a hit and run accident by a careless driver.. The rains never stopped in my heart ever since...


  1. prats, thats awesome...!!

    its still raining in the lounge folks, get ur umbrellas!! :)

    loved the ending, raining in my heart... so romantic...yet sad...

  2. that was so tragic

    true.. science has a practical perspective about things...in being logical sicence misses to explain beauty of many things..

    science says rainbow is just a phenomenon of refraction of light...but isn't the beauty of rainbow much more than that..?

    loved it prats! its amazing wht a impactful story mere 6 sentences can say

  3. lovely prats....its always a tough fight bw the science and beauty of love..i loved the ending...romatic and yet very sad..

  4. thanks Leo !!! really appreciate ur comments :)

  5. I read the first line at some blog .. and since then i wanted to use it .. gladly i put it to good use :)!! thanks aparna ...

  6. @prats: tragic end but beautiful picturization :)

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  8. Oh that was moving .....

    Science cannot answer all questions... That is why this world is such a beautiful place to live in... :)


  9. So nicely put Arjun !!


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