January 9, 2009

Painting with winds.

(read Preety-me's poem and although it is not directly related to this poem, I decided to post it, it was my 94th poem then!)

when the clouds shower glee
and sapphire umber wraps the world
I slyly smile a-million-worth smile.
I strech my arms to hug them all.
the air rushes to my face
and tears fall to crumble down
as I quell this dull-drab life,
I am nudged by all the colors
that spread tranquality and love
in the trance
of an indeliable-indescribable feeling
I swing while painting,
a painting with winds.



  1. oyee..94th poem!! man!!
    paida hote hi shuru kar dia tha kya?? :P

    lovely poem asbii...it was like a painting wid words!! :)

  2. A Good poem ... inspired or not inspired ... I Vote for this :)

  3. aww, Thankyou both.

    hehe nai pri, but wrote my first when i was 9 years, the poem called 'when i was six'

  4. And MY First English Poem was when I was in Class 3 ... hmmm, yes around 9 years ... Winter Season .. and the first lines, I remember still:

    Winter comes with a lot of joy,
    But for the reach and not for the poor.
    After the Autumn has gone,
    Winter knocks at the door.

    Hahahaha ... I remember still!! God's great!!

  5. A nice poem...i am really amazed that u still keep counting your poems :P lols..i could not have done that much

  6. i started writing poetry in feb 2007 !! oh ! its gonna be 2 yrs soon ... and about this poem :

    I am nudged by all the colors
    that spread tranquality and love

    these words just caught me !!! loved it dear !!!

  7. Long time!!!! :)

    While I was reading this, i could see myself at a meadow a la Sound of music :P with an easel waiting to paint. Instead I was being overwhelmed by the scenes. Wanting to capture it but unable to bcas of its overwhelming nature!

    94th??? Nice... My first was in 04 after the Tsunami (that was 04 naa??)

  8. hey asbah, 94th poem in 2005? now 3 years have passed by... that count would have tripled, and so has the quality i think! :)

    very nice words... loved it a lot!

  9. Hi buddy..

    this seems like a mini prose but really an awesome thot...

    the tranquility does seems like whooshing by like the painting in the winds...

    too gud an idea...

    keep writing

  10. I re-read ur poem 3 times after u posted it!
    keep writing :-)


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