January 9, 2009

Now I Realize!

Hi Friends, Thanks for inviting me to the Writer's Lounge. This is my first post and so i thought to post the first poem i have ever written...hope you would like it...

You sung a hundred songs

With beautiful words

And we sat under the tree

The chirping of the birds

But now I realize,

They were all lies.


It looked so beautiful

When everything was calm and cool

But now the days are gone

Your heart turned into stone

In the climate, I felt the heat

And it became harder to breathe

And you made me realize,

That they were all lies.


You told me how you felt

And I had to regret

Coz I made mistakes

Your ego was at stakes

And now I realize,

They were all lies.


You asked me to move on

Like it never happened

But how can I forget

The plans that I had set

My life became a misery

But now it’s a history

Coz you made me realize,

They were all lies.


You told me right

It was just a dream of the night

And the night was gone

So why should I mourn

Now I made my mind

That I shall not be kind

And I have to fight

This battle like a knight

Coz now I realize,

They were all lies.


Yes, I realize

They all were lies.


  1. I thought, I write well
    Then I came to this lounge
    And I thought that all the good writers are here,
    But, now I realize
    That the world's so big
    And the poets are at large,
    Coz you made me realize
    There are many more whom we have to accommodate in the lounge
    And give the highest post,
    If they keep writing,
    The Way you Wrote!

    Now, I realize!


    You have made a Grand Entry ... A very good post ... a poem with touch of old English composition, which is my personal fav ...

    Thanks, and keep writing :)

  2. hey naveen welcome to lounge, well i have read his blogs and hes got great talent, well i can assure you, you will improve as a writer here
    so keep it coming

    keep posting and enjoy the experience :)

  3. @tan thanx for such a wonderful welcome..hope to be in touch thru this medium!!

  4. @jack..thanx bro for motivating me...surely i would learn a lot of things after coming to this place!

  5. Welcome !! and Gosh ! this write took my hart away :) !! perfect words, rythm and feel !! waiting to read more from your end

  6. I for one cant rhyme my peoms. And hence, I greatly admire those who can rhyme as well as emote through poems. Gr8 work. Welcome to the Lounge. Blog on! :D

  7. I like the theme of the poem and i think its the high time i accept that i also enjoy poems like i enjoy prose.

    althought i found a couple of grammar errors, like: You sang, in the first line looks more appropriate, don't you think?

    but then, we are together here to learn and improve, i hope we all do. Welcome in.

  8. @pretty, rashi n .a.
    Thnx a lot..it feels really good when you hear accolades like this!
    oh yes..thanx for pointing the errors, hopefully i would make improvements in the coming posts!

  9. born a poet, in this lounge,
    with words so nice to see,
    waiting for more of your lovely words,
    welcome to the lounge to thee...

    loved it dude, super words!! u made a dashing entrance. i'm a bit late i guess...

  10. sweet poem
    i really like the rhyming words at the end.

    if u give it a tune and sing the lines', ur poem is really catchy and great to sing along

    welcome to the lounge!


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