January 9, 2009

The great Indian ROOSTER COOP

Once I was walking across chicken market and saw how they kept chickens in that market. Hundreds of roosters and hens packed tightly in wire-meshed cages, packed tightly like worms in a belly, peaking at each other, fighting for breathing space. The whole cage giving off a horrible stench, stench of terrified, feathered flesh. Above the rooster coops sat a butcher, showing off the flesh and organs of chopped up chickens, his knife still coated with dark blood. The chickens below just watch the blood and the remains of one among them. Each chicken helplessly saw the butchering waiting for their turn. They know they are next. Yet they do not rebel. They do not even try to get out of the coop.

The same very thing is done with us in our country. Observe the roads when you get time in crowded city. Observe those people who are not as privileged as us. Take a rickshaw driver, a chauffeur, a daily wage worker. They have one routine each day that s working for their masters. They don’t know what booming economy is they don’t know what politics is all about they don’t know what terrorism is, they even don’t know what change we want to bring about. For them it’s only about those bread and butter for them and their family. They are caught in that rooster cage, they won’t rebel, and they won’t even try to get out of it even if they are exploited only because by doing so they lose their bread.

They are just too afraid and in a way helpless just like those roosters. Never before in human history have so few owned so too many. A handful of men in our country have trained remaining 99 per cent which are as strong, as talented, and as intelligent in every way to exist n perpetual servitude; servitude so strong that you can put the key of his emancipation in a man’s hands and he will throw it back at you with a curse. It s not their fault, my family has been working for upliftment of such man and believe me they even don’t know what a good life is. They see at us and don’t have the feeling of fellow country man but they curse us and believe that it’s because of people like them we are suffering.

I have to questions to ask to all the readers, who created this rooster coop and why it is working so effectively
For me the answer is our SAB CHALTA HAI attitude, with whatever injustice we face we won’t speak up, we won’t rebel and it’s this attitude that has created this rooster coop.

Second question is can we as a country break free from this rooster coop. yes we can but we need bold steps, we need that change, yes in our political and judiciary system but before that in our own mind set. We need to stand up in our own life’s and try to remove this inequality on our daily basis, this inequality among society is eating our country away and we need to stand up and become a white tiger as described by Arvind adiga in his book.

(inspired by the book WHITE TIGER)

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  1. hey thats so true but, and good imagination , comparing our country with rooster coop, well initially i was bit annoyed as to how can you compare india with rooster cooop but when i thought about it i thought it isnt wrong in a way

    thanks for opening my mind, every one has to seriuosly think on this post

    once again good post keep it up

  2. i am so inspired by your write up, although i couldnt get which man is supported by your family part, but everything is such truth. bitter and hard, yes i agree.

    I had been throughly saddened by what is happening in my country, the mayhem, the lack of every sanity and the terrorism. My panic attacks got so frequent that I ended up isolating, leaving all the media because it isnt bringing good to me.

    you asked the "why" about the system, the answer is simple in my country, it is ruled by a couple of feudal lords, who would lose their sovereign powers once the nation is economically independent and educated/liberated/free people will never serve them as slaves, so these hand ful of people are obscuring the reforms that can bring revolution in lives of people. and for them we're suffering.

    We are sad people and try to remain oblivious of the fact, we hear the stabbing silently because if anyone of us stand up and shout he'll be the first one to catch the butcher's attention and be killed, so lets wait and watch and be killed.

    the fact is that the big people are just too big, Of course the Supreme power is Allah and I cent per cent agree that the attitude is utterly wrong, but i am so weak, you think i will stand against the govt and in return suffer and see my family suffer? what has happened to the most powerful man in the country, our Chief Justice, he stood for justice and he lost everything.

    I think before taking any steps we should first unite, be strong enough to threat govt and big sharks, so the first step towards freedom is unity, are you ready for it?

  3. It's really sad when you see what this sab chalta hai syndrome has done to us! I agree to you that there is a dying need to change the leadership in our country. We have Intelligent Minds, Huge resource base and knowledge. The only thing which India lacks is strong leadership...today we as a country want change and we want this change to happen pretty soon.
    My question is how can that change be initiated? why don't we be that change? Let us all take this pledge to change the situation in which India is in some way or the other...n one day may we be able to see that change taking shapes and that day would be called the true "India Shining Moment"

  4. @ Arpita
    well that is the only intention when i write such post, to tell people that all is not fine...mostly we stay asleep untill something big happens to wake us up, i just wish that if each one of us aleast start thinking on this and actions will follow

  5. @ asbah
    well the man supported by my family are those under privileged who can't even get the basic needs
    well you are right in a way that we alone are not capable enough to stand in front of government and we need to unit our selves..
    but i have a question where that will start, here too in india we all think that its some one elses job to do that, wait that some one will start
    but what i feel is we should stand up for ourselves that doesn,t mean taking on government and system, but with what ever capability we have, work however small done for right cause inspires other and that inspiration is what we are lacking

  6. @ naveen
    well i agree to an extent that india lack able leadership, but what i believe is and i am repeatedly saying that we have to be leaders in our own life, each one of us, its not job of few leaders to turn around the country for us,
    we are enlightened enough that we can take some small steps ourselves rather than waiting for some one to initiate
    when each one of us starts taking that small step it will become a stride in future and thats where change will start coming
    it wont come overnight it will take years to come and lot of efforts from we youngster provided we are willing to work for it

    Every one wants change but sad part is they themselves don't want to change

    As said by gandhiji "Be the change you want to see in the world"

  7. shud say that its thought provoking made me to think ......but unfortunately u have correctly compared our country to rooster coop ....and its the same thing.... accept it....is there any means of coming out of this....its just we ppl need to think

  8. ya thats unfortunate that whatever i have written is true but i beleive with collective efforts we can come out of this rooster coop


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