January 1, 2009

New Year's Resolution...What d Heck???

1st Jan : The most overrated day of the year!!
I was blog reading lately and everywhere what i found was new year wishes and their resolutions for the coming year.
Although i never had any new year resolutions before (as if people seriously follow it!!) but this time round i thought its high time i should have one.
So there i started thinkin of my new year plans....

1>Attend College regularly
2>Gyming Everyday
3>Avoid Being Stupid
4>Respect College Faculty provided this is the last sem
5>Stop wasting 2 hrs in getting ready
6>Early to bed,Early to rise
7>No more junk food!!
8>Chocolates after every meal has to stop
9>Studying atleast 6 hrs before exam
10>Stop watching shitty movies
11>Logon ki tang kichna bandh!!

Finally after all this scribbling i managed to get onto one single resolution that i know won't be hard for me to follow:

Sleep till you are Hungry,Eat till you are Sleepy!!

With this thought i wish you all a very HaPpY NeW YeAr....Hope you all have a kicka$$ year ahead ...cheers!! :)


  1. hApPy NeW yEaR mATe ... Have fun and have a great year ahead ...

    Do stick to the Resolution .. and eat healthy, till you feel sleepy!!

    Have a Hungry year, Sleeper!!

  2. he he lolzz
    must say its my new year resolution too..
    happy new year

  3. lolz... that was hilarious.. happy new year buddy!! have a rocking year ahead... eat, sleep and make merry!!

  4. Mona meant ...

    EAT > SlEEP > MAKE Money


  5. Hehe! That was funny! We wish things will change in that one sec between 08 and 09! Things when we want to right?


  6. U bet!!
    BTW been to ur blog ...luvd it..cya arnd!!

  7. yeah right really interesting!

    I have written a good 20 resulutions already, plan to make them 100 by end of this week..

    100 todnay mai maza hay, teen chaar todin tu kya todin :P


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